Are these specs sensible for a gaming desktop?

  InnocentMan 18:13 23 May 2009

I'm buying a custom desktop from dinopc.

I wish to play games like Empire Total War, GTA4, Stalker Clear Sky, and in the future: Operation flashpoint 2 and Mafia 2. etc... I'm not too worried that in 3 years time I might not be able to have anti aliasing on or top quality graphics in a game.

With that in mind, do you chaps think these specs are alright for my gaming needs?

Processor - i7 920
Motherboard - Asus P6T deluxe v2
RAM - 6GB DDR3 1600mhz
Graphics card - nVidia GTX 285
CPU cooler - Coolermaster V8
PSU - 1250w Coolermaster Real Power Pro (i chose this wattage because in the future I will want to put in a second gtx 285 in SLI)
HDD - 1TB sata 7200rpm 16mb cache
Optical drive - 20x dvd+-rw dl sata lightscribe
Onboard Sound
OS - Vista Premium 64 bit
Case - Antec 900 Two

Monitor - 22 inch LG lg 226wu: 1680 x 1050, 2ms, 5000:1
Keyboard, speakers, mouse - cheap tacky ones.


  citadel 20:08 23 May 2009

I would get a larger case and remember dx11 cards are out about xmas. all the other stuff is ok, 1 card is plenty for a 22" monitor.

  retep888 11:48 24 May 2009

Your rig is a well capable one to play all those games you've mentioned, there are something I'd like to suggest:

1.You don't need the 1.25KW PSU,the 1KW one will do even if you run another GTX285 in future however if you're after the extra 5 years warranty
& don't mind the extra expense then by all means go for the bigger one.

2.Don't skimp on the monitor as well as keyboards etc., get a 24" monitor and slightly better keyboard,mouse,speakers,they won't cost you that much more.

3.If the Antec case you meant was 902 then it's good enough for you.

  InnocentMan 15:26 25 May 2009

thank u very much retep888. really helpful post!!

im getting 1250w because its only £15 more than the 1000w.

k, ill get 24 inch and good peripherals.

and yep, it is the antec 902.

thanks again!

p.s whats dx11 cards? do i need to worry about them?

  retep888 14:56 26 May 2009

<<p.s whats dx11 cards? do i need to worry about them?>>

Average gamers won't tell much difference between dx9 & dx10 games & gxcards,let alone dx10 & dx11.

There are some newer ATI gxcards claim to support dx10.1 games but not much softwares to support(or none at all?).

So personally I think not to worry at all,there are always new gadgets coming out,therefore just enjoy what you want and whatever you can afford.

  citadel 17:38 26 May 2009

dx11 cards from nvidia and ati will be more powerful and faster even for dx9 games. games makers are saying they like the look of dx11.

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