Are these correct

  Ho-Lin-Sok 11:31 13 Feb 2007

having a few e-mail problems, checked ports with: netstat -an
Ports are labelled and and are "listening".
Should they have the 10 bit in front and be and as seen a few examples like this and not the former.
Outlook Express will send mail but only after several attempts on port 10110 or is it 110. Tried turning off firewalls and antispy etc with no success.

  birdface 11:38 13 Feb 2007

With NTL otgoing port is 25, incoming port is 110. I must point out ,this is with NTL ,Yours may be different.

  Batch 13:50 13 Feb 2007

I don't know exactly how it works under the covers, but AVG's email scanner uses ports 10110 (POP3) and 10025 (SMTP).

Do you use AVG or some other AV software which is creating your situation?

  silverous 14:19 13 Feb 2007

do you mean ?

Are they new problems or is this a new setup or did it previously work?

I'd concentrate on your config if this is a new setup rather than using netstat to troubleshoot.

I believe that 1025 and 10110 may be used by AVG email scanner. Are you using AVG?

  Ho-Lin-Sok 15:36 13 Feb 2007

Yes using AVG, only used netstat to clear the ports, must be a problem elsewhere, just wondered why they were labelled with the 10 bit in front but if it's AVG that would explain it.

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