Are there too many forums?

  Graham. 23:39 13 Dec 2007

I normally browse Helproom. Often I see topics more suited to other forums, such as Network, in there.

Is there a case for maybe, just Helproom and Consumerwatch?

As an aside, some forum profiles set a minimum size to the subject title, to do away with titles such as 'Help'.

  brundle 23:46 13 Dec 2007

As long as Speakers Corner type-posts don't get lumped in with requests for help or advice. Also, thread titles can be stupidly vague but it's not the end of the world, if you don't approve don't read them or post to them.

  octal 23:46 13 Dec 2007

That last comment about titles is interesting, one forum I belong to you have to enter 10 characters before it lets you post, that does mean you have to enter a meaningful title and not just help, which doesn't help anyone, 'scuse the pun.

  lotvic 23:48 13 Dec 2007

this topic should maybe be in Speakers' Corner?

  Graham. 23:50 13 Dec 2007

Helproom, Consumerwatch, Speakers Corner. Definitely not Recipes.

  octal 23:51 13 Dec 2007

Mind you, you'll get some wag putting Help!!!!!! in the title, so I suppose you can't win :D

  brundle 23:55 13 Dec 2007

I think the Vista forum is valid, as Vista is significantly different to other MS OS's, Networking does what it says on the tin, though it's unusual in that posts there are usually well titled and decently explained, same goes for WebDesign, Absolute Beginners is a must-have for people who aren't sure what to post or explain. I could live without Speakers Corner and Digital/Mobile World personally, but everyone who visits the forums will have a different opinion.

  Acx 00:06 14 Dec 2007

Sorry but No, I believe that 'Helproom' is already over posted.

Questions posted in the morning in 'Helproom' get lost/unread on page 2 by the evening.

You could integrate some but not all. I would like to see Absolute beginners stay.

  golfpro 07:50 14 Dec 2007

"Questions posted in the morning in 'Helproom' get lost/unread on page 2 by the evening".

By the evening, within two hours don't you mean. With just the Helproom to write to, the first six or seven posts to every thread would just read "Bump".

  €dstowe 08:06 14 Dec 2007

Very slightly off-topic and I've posted about this before but, do all the more experienced members (helpers) regularly check in the Absolute Beginners forum to see if they can be of assistance there?

  anskyber 08:56 14 Dec 2007

Not sure if I qualify as experienced but yes I check as part of my run around the forums.

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