Are there any decent IP Hider programs available?

  RonWeil1964 19:01 23 Oct 2005

I am increasingly concerned over internet fraud but relatively new to computing. Are there any decent programs to either download or buy that could hide my IP?

  SANTOS7 19:06 23 Oct 2005

Safest thing to do is not put anything on your PC that you think might be infiltrated in the first place
click here
this may help,,,

  VoG II 19:07 23 Oct 2005

If you search for hide IP address on Google you will find many products.

Surfing via a proxy is one way click here

Personally I think that you have no reason for concern.

  Batch 08:09 24 Oct 2005

If you are on broadband and using a router, does it support NAT (click here), if so, enabling this might meet your needs.

Otherwise, make sure that you have a decent firewall installed (again a router may provide this, or a free software firewall such as ZoneAlarm, plus Anti-spyware software such as Ad-aware SE or Spyblaster and Antivirus (e.g. AVG).

If you desire to cloak your activities, then see VoG's link.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:45 24 Oct 2005

Internet fraud is very uncommon Sand you have no need to worry. Use a decent, free AV and a firewall and do not give out your details to emails. I assume you use a credit card in your local are much more likely to get scammed this way. Even if you are scammed you will be refunded by the banks unless you did something incredibly dense. People use credit cards in petrol stations and restaurants without a second thought and if you are going to get ripped this is where it will happen. Buying on the net is much safer. All the horror stories that are about are utter rubbish and tarted up by the press. They have little to do with peoples' info being hacked from a computer and are usually sensationalist.

All these 'anonymiser' programmes do not work as your original IP address cannot be reason and all that. Your IP address will change each time you log onto the Net. You have no need to worry about someone getting your IP address as you will never get hacked on a home computer.

Start using the net to purchase items and you will have no problems.


  Belatucadrus 11:55 24 Oct 2005

Best tool against Internet fraud is common sense:-

Never use Internet traders that don't provide a secure link when asking for financial details, no padlock no transaction. There's always somebody else who can provide the same product/service safely.

When Internet shopping, use a credit card.

Never use the links provided in e-mail provided by purported banks and financial institutions, always go via a known safe web address. Phishing scams aren't hi tech, they require you to give them your information. The banks have not had a crash and they don't require you to confirm your account details.

As GANDALF <|:-)> "People use credit cards in petrol stations and restaurants without a second thought" just consider the security implications with the old style transactions, leaving signed carbon copies all over the place. Secure Internet trading is several orders of magnitude safer.

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