Are there any computer shops in London?

  LukaStemberger 10:43 30 Mar 2015

Is there a computer shop in London? I don't consider PC World a computer shop :P A place where I can come and buy a Gigabyte motherboard for instance... Google doesn't seem to think so. Thank you!

  northumbria61 11:00 30 Mar 2015
  LukaStemberger 11:45 30 Mar 2015

Yes, I know how to google, however... Do you know of just one from this comprehensive list that is actually a computer shop where I can walk in and buy a Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 motherboard?

  Jollyjohn 11:56 30 Mar 2015

Wander up and down Tottenham Court Road, always was the techy street.

  LukaStemberger 12:01 30 Mar 2015

So, in other words, nobody knows?

I am really not into wandering around, and of course I called a bunch of them, they are mostly into repairs or they can order components, but are not proper computer shops.

And of course I know I can buy online, but my question was if there is a retail shop that sells computer components in London. Judging by the answers there is none...

  Ian in Northampton 12:05 30 Mar 2015

If you go to, there's a "where to buy" that will show you vendors throughout the UK, including London.

  LukaStemberger 12:23 30 Mar 2015

That was the first thing I did, but there were only three options and from the websites it didn't seem like they have retail shops. I did call one of them now and even though they sell online and are moving, they said I can come in and pick it up myself :) So, thank you for the advice, I'm going to DinoPC now (in case anyone else ever needs it).

  Jollyjohn 12:44 30 Mar 2015

click here - try here

  LukaStemberger 13:04 30 Mar 2015

Sounds great, too bad I didn't know about it earlier when I was upgrading my computer... Thanks! But this week it's closed :(

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