Are TFTs worth repairing?

  Lass2K 13:06 02 Mar 2004

My FLatron 782LE has gone on the blink. It's 3 years old and no longer under warranty.

The display is all washed out. Faded like looking at film negatives.

Any help appreciated.

  Sir Radfordin 13:10 02 Mar 2004

Highly unlikely. Had a Dell laptop with a fault (less than 2 months old) and they just replaced the screen. My be worth speaking to the manufacture to see what they suggest but in most cases it will just have to be seen as a disposable item :(

  Mikè 13:26 02 Mar 2004

You could try the manufactures, and see if they will make a contribution to the repair costs.

  Stuartli 13:29 02 Mar 2004

Might just be the backlight....

  [email protected]@m 13:32 02 Mar 2004

These people should quote you. click here

It's often just the light tube that needs repacing. I would check with another monitor first.

  [email protected]@m 13:33 02 Mar 2004

Repacing? :-)

  tenplus1 13:58 02 Mar 2004

TFT screens cost a lot to repair... had a laptop out of warranty and the company wanted £600 to replace the screen only...

best option, buy a brand new TFT monitor, they're as cheap as £190 now...

  Citizen -A 15:32 02 Mar 2004

maybe theres a valid point to us all about extended warranties,now I'm glad after seeing this i paid and extra £34 for 5 year cover on my TFT.hope Lass2K has some luck.

  TommyRed 15:53 02 Mar 2004

I had a printer replaced under extended warranty and a garden vac and a vaccuum cleaner. All replaced with shiny new items, just hope the washing machine goes before the end of the warranty. TR

  Lass2K 16:54 02 Mar 2004

thnx for all your contributions. just found my receipt and realised the monitro is only 2 years old and not three. therefore it's still under warranty.

just got in touch with LG, spoke to a very nice lady and she has arranged for the monitor to be replaced on thursday. the whole process up to now is painless. hopefully, it'll remain so.

  submarine 19:40 02 Mar 2004

I had my TFT repaired and it is well worth the money (£65 + VAT) to have a new backlight fitted - your symptom is similar to mine. Ring round though, I found a shop who gave a free estimate..... others wanted £30 + to just look at it!
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