Are Samsung Laptops worth considering and reliable ?

  mooly 09:02 20 May 2012

Still searching for a new 17" laptop and getting bamboozled by all the choice. Hardware reliability is a priority. Looking at Amazon customer reviews shows general satisfaction with Samsung.

I have come across the NP305E7A Samsung which seems to offer good value but I have no experience of Samsung computer hardware.

Anythoughts on Samsung quality ?

  compumac 09:35 20 May 2012

I have two Samsung 17" laptops, the RC710 and the RV711 and have been most happy with both of them.

If the AllPowerful is looking on, I did not state the above as it is tempting providence and if they now go faulty I shall blame mooly

  birdface 10:31 20 May 2012

1st customer review that I opened.

Your click here did not work for me, Sorry I can't help with any suggestions for good laptops as I have never had one.

  compumac 10:52 20 May 2012

mooly After reading butemans link I would point out that both my Samsung's were bought direct from Amazon who are very helpful in the event of a problem with items purchased direct from them. In my experience with Amazon they have always been extremely helpful in the event of a problem.

  SparkyJack 10:55 20 May 2012

Samsung as good as say Toshiba or Acer HP or??? Considering that computers in general and laptops in particular are a collection of disparate components- Processor here - Motherboard- there- Screen somewhere else - cases across the orad or in the next town and are brought together in another place slapped together by under paid staff in huge halls and at the end of the line have a label stuck on. to be any one of several brands

I would consider it reasonable to assume that specification for specification one is as good as another.- your real choice is of colour - black/silver white or polychrome Red/Blue Yellow.

  mooly 11:54 20 May 2012

Thanks very much for the info folks,

compumac and buteman... that link is interesting for sure. Got my current laptop (Acer 9301) from them (laptopsdirect) 6yrs ago so that is why I looked there. Seems things have gone downhill.

John Lewis are offering a two year warranty on it, let's see if this works,

I've bought a few things off Amazon although nothing major (unless you count a lawnmower) and they have been excellent although I have never had to contact them over any problems. Good to know you are pleased with yours anyhow.

SparkyJack... what you say confirms what others have said really, in that there are only a handful of manufacturers and whatever you buy is just a collection of these parts packaged and branded as required. As a piece of electronic hardware my Acer has been ultra reliable and it gets hammered daily. It's weakness was the hinges (ultra tight and a common complaint) with many failing within months causing cracked lids and bezels. And that is what has just happened with no warning.

Dell is the other brand I have looked at but I'm unsure. In their favour they freely supply full service manuals and appear to have a good parts backup. It's just that I read a lot of negative things about them yet, maybe you just don't hear of all the satisfied users they supply too. They seem to have an excellent "Dell backed" support forum too.

Acer always seems to get the "flimsy plasticky" mention in.

Hmmm more thinking to do !!!

Thanks for the insight.

  onthelimit1 13:06 20 May 2012

I've been asked to fix dozens of laptops over the last 3 years. There has been no trend - all makes have failed in one way or another (with the exception of HP, who had some dodgy mobos a few years ago). My own netbook has been fine for 3 years apart from a loose video cable.

  birdface 13:16 20 May 2012


Best waiting till then when you usually get a few sales going.

  birdface 13:26 20 May 2012

Mind you the 2 year guarantee and free delivery looks good and it is cheaper than Amazon or E-buyer

  mooly 15:15 20 May 2012

onthelimit1... thanks, I guess any particular model can have some serious model specific issue come to light (as with anything I suppose).

Buteman... yes, the two year guarantee is certainly a plus point.

I'm still drawn to the Dell Vostro though.

That has the option of a 3yr warranty for £45 and if you search the site there is a further £25 off coupon that can be applied.

  onthelimit1 15:35 20 May 2012

My only experience with Dell was with a 1525 laptop which blue screened after 3mths. After an hour on the (premium rate) phone to support, was told it was a software issue and I would need to spend £75 for further support. Declined and did a reinstall for nothing!

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