Are my Administrative shares protected?

  gammaSheep 01:25 02 Jan 2008

I have very little understanding of how my internet connection works, I just know that I can get net access when I plug my wireless network card into my laptop...

I have only just discovered the concept of an "administrative share"... I use windows XP as an admin user (with a strong password), and the guest account is off. Does this mean that I am safe from unwanted access to my files by computers within range, unless they obtain my windows login password?

  Kemistri 02:04 02 Jan 2008

Which type of encryption are you using on the W-LAN? WPA? Fine and dandy - even if you happen live in the Tora Bora mountains. WEP? Any wardriver with a modicum of knowledge and the readily available tools has a high chance of breaking that and once he has access to the LAN, he has access to shared files. But he's not after your files; he's after free broadband internet. He hasn't got the inclination to browse through your files unless he thinks that you might be daft enough to store a plain text list of passwords or bank details in a shared folder.

  gammaSheep 05:38 02 Jan 2008

I'm using my friend's internet connection using my laptop, so I'm not sure what kind of encryption he set it up with.

If someone did hijack my connection, or accessed files on my computer, would there be some way I could tell? Does windows keep a log of such things, or are there other traces of history left behind?

  Kemistri 11:00 02 Jan 2008

Only if you [a] run network management software, which I'm guessing you don't, since it usually costs megabucks; or [b] happen to have a router that logs all client connections.

When using someone else's network, you would be very aware of any encryption, so there almost certainly is none. That is a bad idea, frankly.

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