Are Microsoft deliberately making life difficult?

  cocteau48 20:38 11 May 2008

Having eventually got the full and final version of SP3 up and running I checked out the MS Update site which told me that I should download IE7.
But I already had I didn't ... it had disappeared and I was back at IE6!!
The download of IE7 from the update site then failed during installation and I had to download and install manually ... which succeeded.
Back to the update site and I was now told to download Cumulative Security Update for IE7 (KB947864)... which also failed to install.
Tried to install that one manually and was told that it was not compatible with my system!
A little investigation revealed that there were two versions of KB947864 ... one for IE6 and one for IE7 and the MS site had downloaded the one for IE6 even though it said that it was for IE7.
Once again seeking out and manually installing the right version succeeded.
Is this all a deliberate ploy to get us so pi**ed off with XP that we actually see Vista as a desirable alternative?

  Al94 20:43 11 May 2008

I am of the opinion it is just incompetence!

  CPUover 21:06 11 May 2008

Could be, but can you really see then sticking by xp for too long? i got xp on my laptop which im more than happy with but i got vista for my tower some time ago and to be really honest ive had only a few hiccups with it, maybe i was one of the lucky ones. But then again i dont think MS do anything to make life easy do they?

  wis 21:08 11 May 2008

a link on this site did say uninstall ie7 before

  cocteau48 21:42 11 May 2008

You can only read some of the links some of the time not all of the links all of the time!
Seriously though the main problem which I did know about is that if you installed SP3 onto a system with IE7 then there was apparently no way of uninstalling IE7 if you wanted to go back to IE6. You had to uninstall SP3 .. uninstall IE7 .. reinstall SP3.
As I had no intention of going back to IE6 I was,as they say,"not bovvered".Especially considering that I had already been running SP3 RC2 since February with not a hitch.
At no time did I see a warning to the effect that you "must not install SP3 over IE7"

  pk46 21:45 11 May 2008

Don't worrie WXP will out last Vista MS want to sink Vista by next year with the realease of W7 code name at the moment,i don't think Vista was successful as they would have liked.

  Woolwell 22:04 11 May 2008

I cannot remember seeing anything about uninstalling IE7. I certainly did not. IE7 is the latest (that is until IE8 arrives) MS browser so uninstalling it does not make much sense.
It is however important to back up your important documents before installing SP3 and the update does advise you to do this. I also created a system restore point before hand.
I have not had any problems on 2 PC's - 4 to go.

  simmo09 22:05 11 May 2008

why not just use opera or firefox? personally i think opera is the better, but either are good, and much better in my opinion.

  feb 22:17 11 May 2008

no problems here.
Although I have installed AVG 8 and I do use AOL!!

  cocteau48 22:23 11 May 2008

A concise explanation of the problems associated with the uninstalling of IE7 after SP3 are here:
click here
It also specifically states that IE7 will remain on your system after the installation of SP3,so I presume my uninstalling of SP3 RC2 may have something to do with with its automatic uninstallation.

Could not agree more and my first preference is Firefox but I do like to retain IE7 as a fall back.

  rickf 22:24 11 May 2008

MS has always been difficult. Bit of a control freak really.

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