are MESH Computers a good company

  Kashola 00:29 17 Dec 2007

I have just come across this deal which looks decent:

click here

However, on another forum, people have told me to avoid this company like a plague

  Meshuga 05:14 17 Dec 2007

One of the rules of this forum is that it will not publish any potentially libelous comments, so you will not get a true picture of a company as the FE would block it. All you will get is the service a particular individual has had, which does not make that company a bad one. ery often peoples experiences are due to outside forces or even their own fault.

  CatTrading 11:01 17 Dec 2007

Do a search on this forum using the 'search forum' button for Mesh postings.
And may be other forums or google to see what others say about them.

  Pine Man 12:00 17 Dec 2007

I have had two Mesh computers in the last eight years. The last one earlier this year.

Both were completely faultless and exceeded my expectations BUT if you search this and other forums you will find only complaints about Mesh because not many people post threads about how good their PC is - unfortunately.

  CatTrading 13:45 17 Dec 2007

"not many people post threads about how good their PC is - unfortunately"
I agree, but Mesh have had problems in the past with their poor customer service.
Hopefully this has now been addressed by them.

Have you thought of looking at Novatech @ click here

  mrwoowoo 01:07 18 Dec 2007

a useful site this, click here
but bare inmind what pineman says as he has a good point.

  Acx 02:40 18 Dec 2007

I have a Mesh

It is a good computer and I have had no problems with it (until recently, that was the DVD drive packing up after two years work).

To me it seams that if you get a good Mesh Computer then you are OK, but if you get a bad one, then Mesh Customer Services are still as bad as ever.

Mesh's own forum (with lots of complaints).
click here

Mesh is one of the few companies to still offer buy now pay later (if you need this then go for it, it seams to be their only advantage at the moment).

If you can buy outright then there is a lot better companies/options out there.

  Forum Editor 16:35 18 Dec 2007

fro time to time, and some of them have more than others.

I've said this dozens of times, but I'll say it agaiin - if you look at two suppliers, one selling a hundred computers a month, and one selling thousands, you will almost certainly see more customer service problems being reported about the company with the biggest sales volumes - that doesn't mean it's a bad company.

In the past we've seen periods when certain companies featured regularly in our Consumerwatch threads, but in the main that seems to be a thing of the past. Nowdays we see very few complaints about Mesh, for instance, or Dell, but there were times when both companies went through bad patches as far as customer service was concerned.

My view is that any large computer manufacturer that can continue to sell thousands of machines a month, and do it year after year must have something going for it. The build quality of Mesh computers has been consistently high, and as far as I'm aware that's still the case. Anyone who tells you to avoid the company like the plague doesn't know what he/she is talking about.

  Totally-braindead 19:31 18 Dec 2007

I would go to Novatech as their customer service is brilliant.

  rogmpow 16:23 19 Dec 2007

I am on my second MESH system and I'm happy with it. They consistently win awards for their systems and the specifications of any of their systems are always very high yet their prices are difficult to beat.
My only grouse is contacting them is so b_____ expensive and they take forever to respond to emails!
What problems I have had have usually been due to software or errors of my own making.
In conclusion, I'd buy from them again.

  SB23 20:41 19 Dec 2007

Every company that I have ever dealt with, has, at some point had a few problems, but not with me, thankfully.
But the point I'm making is if Mesh have the machine with the specs that you require, and its within your budget, what have you got to loose.

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