Are laptons keyboards inherently different?

  Simsy 05:26 01 Apr 2006


I've just had reason to assist a collegue, over the phone, with a little software issue where a keyboard shortcut to a function didn't appear to be working...

I was able to do so by getting them to use the facility via the "File" menu...

However, the software in question normally has the keyboard shortcut CTL+H. She was using this software on a laptop and rang me because the CTL+H wasn't working. I get her to access the function via the "File" menu and during the conversation she told me that there was no indication, on the file menu, that CTL+H is a shortcut for this function.

Coincidently, just a few minutes later I was brought a laptop with the same software on to deal with a file that was on the laptop.. (Though I use the software a lot, I never normally use a laptop). I checked and the shortcut doesn't appear in the file menu on this laptop either.

I can' find anything in the setup/options for the program to enable said shortcut so...

I'm wondering is there something inherent about laptops that means the key combination CTL+H can't be used as a program shortcut? Is there some Windows feature that is applicable to laptops only? Powersaving perhaps?

The software in question is irrelevant to my question... I don't want to know how to resolve it... I'm just curious!

Thanks in anticipation,



  dms05 07:02 01 Apr 2006

Ive used laptops for years without any such problems. The laptop/desktop variations relate to different manufacturers place non-critical keys in different positions and the lack of a numeric keypad (other than accessing with the Fn+JKLetc). All the major software I use has the same shortcuts available on keys like CTRL+H for example.

Perhaps it depends partly upon which keyboard driver you are using. Mine's English(UK) language.

  Simsy 07:09 01 Apr 2006


It's curious how this situation arises then!




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