gel 14:18 03 Jul 2006

I have bought a USB 2.0 Flash Drive ( memory stick)
basically to use on my Lap Top.
When I introduce it to my desk top I get a message'the usb devise can perform faster if you connect to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 post'
When I click the message balloon I get 'there are no Hi Speed USB host controllers on this computer.
I do not get the same message when used on my lap top and since I shall be using it basically for the lap top will all be well --although slower?
Many thanks

  iscanut 14:22 03 Jul 2006

Your desktop almost certainly has the slower USB 1 rather than 2.0 but can be upgraded by installing a USB 2.0 PCI card. Your laptop probably has USB 2.0. Scanners, printers and external hard drives for instance would all benefit from the faster USB, but I dont think you will notice much difference with the flash drive.

  gel 14:40 03 Jul 2006

Thanks 'nuts' very grateful for a quick responce I will go ahead and use.

  ade.h 17:40 03 Jul 2006

"I dont think you will notice much difference with the flash drive."

I used to have to use my Flash drives with a USB1.1 interface and improvement when I finally got onboard USB2 was incredible. A world of difference.

  Pamy 17:43 03 Jul 2006

What you dont have you will not miss

  ade.h 17:47 03 Jul 2006

So the old saying goes, but I can remember sitting infront my previous build (with USB1.1) putting data onto 1GB Flash memory and thinking "Geez, why does this have to so slow. If only for USB2...." I had never used USB2, but trying to send a lot of data over 1.1 is unmistakeably slow!

  Stuartli 17:53 03 Jul 2006

How old is the motherboard on your desktop system?

USB2.0 specifications originated in April 2000 and the latest revision was in April this year (1.2)

  Stuartli 17:54 03 Jul 2006

You may need to enable it in the Bios.

  Pamy 18:17 03 Jul 2006

ade.h, yes I can appreciate what you are saying, but this is the case with all new technology, but what was asked was "is it essencial".

  Stuartli 23:25 03 Jul 2006

OK, to put it bluntly, it's not essential (in response to your point to ade.h).

However, the difference between 1.1 and 2.0 is substantial.

The former provides transfer rates of 1.5Mbs for low speed devices and up to 12Mbps for full speed equivalents.

USB2.0 transfers data at speeds up to 480Mbps (up to 600Mbps in some cases).

If you have all the time in the world then stick with USB1.1...:-)

  keef66 11:04 04 Jul 2006

my mobo is usb 1.1, and I have added 2 usb2 ports with a pci card, so I now have 4 usb 1.1 ports and 2 usb2 ports.

Last week I had some short video clips on a memory card. Plugged it into the card reader and tried to play them, but playback was very jumpy. Copied them to the HDD which took ages, and then I realsied the card reader was plugged into a usb 1.1 port!

Doing the same thing via the usb2 port, the video plays perfectly, and file transfers take just seconds.

You WILL notice the difference with a flash drive.

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