Are emails from safe?

  Deirk 22:09 27 Apr 2007

I have suddenly started receiving emails from '[email protected]. They contain links but I have not opened any of them. One of the links says "You will not get anymore of our emails if you go here click here innovations&msgid=20040700006 and enter your email address.
I don't know where they got my email address but would it be safe to go to the link in hopes of not getting anymore of these.

  MAJ 22:36 27 Apr 2007

No don't click on any links, that only proves that your email address is active and you will receive more spam from that and other sources. Delete them without opening and if need be, set up a filter in your email client to delete them from the server when they arrive.

  bluto1 22:46 27 Apr 2007

The golden rule is ...never click on an e-mail if you don`t know who sent it... Do as MAJ says and your PC has a chance of staying clean.

  Deirk 22:52 27 Apr 2007

Many thanks MAJ and bluto 1. I will do exactly as you say.
I wonder if anyone else has come across planetglo?

  MrNerdy 23:18 27 Apr 2007 is a USA listed company, if you get anymore emails and wish to report it then try click here

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