Are DVD players in PC's Multi-region????

  modrico 19:35 03 Apr 2003

I have recently bought a new laptop and im wondering if the dvd player on it is likely to be region 2 or multi-region? I would put a region 1,3 etc disc in it if i had any but i dont!! Also if they are region 2 can they be unlocked?
Any help would be greatly appreciated


Chris Goodman

  mol01 19:38 03 Apr 2003

If you bought it from Europe it is very likely to be region 2. It is very unlikely to be multiregion. Yes, they can be unlocked but certain methods of doing so will probably invalidate your warrenty. I'm sure others of this site who know more than me can tell you how if you wish to proceed

  Big Elf 19:44 03 Apr 2003

If you go into Device Manager and check the properties for the DVD and select DVD Region it will, I think, tell you whether it is multi-region or whether you can make a limited number of changes before it locks down to the final choice. In my case I can make 4 changes. I think if bought in the UK it would be normally be set to Region 2.

I would be interested if this could be avoided/bypassed. Like you I only have Region 2 DVDs at the moment but would like the option of playing USA region DVDs at least. In the past I've bought NTSC videos from the USA because they weren't available here in PAL format and I suspect this may become the case with DVDs as well.

  hssutton 20:38 03 Apr 2003

There are a number of sites that provide region hacking codes but these are mainly for set to boxes with remotes. click here

  slimbo51 20:46 03 Apr 2003

I found a firmware upgrade for my Hitachi dvd player on the net which does away with the multi region problem for good.

U must be very very carefull if u go this route though to make sure its the right firmware for the dvd player.


  tamc98 21:53 03 Apr 2003

Most dvd-rom drives are at first region free. They will allow upto 5 changes before locking the region code (usually into the firmware).
For instance if you play a mix of region 1 and 2 disc's, after the fifth disc swop the player will lock onto whatever region the last disc was.
There are a number of programs that will allow multiregion playback. Some must be installed before the player is region locked, some after.
You can also look for a firmware patch for your player (this is what I did to both my DVD-Rom and 'real' DVD players).
One program to try is dvdgenie. Avaliable free off the net.
HTH, Tony.
P.S. Flashing the firmware should only be done if you are sure of what you are doing.
Hacking dvd players and playing disc's from other regions does NOT infringe copyright or any other laws. So go ahead and welcome tho the world of cheaper DVD's

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