Are DirectX 9.0a drivers reliable?

  corc2 19:28 23 Jun 2003

Any views on DirectX 9.0a. I'm unsure whether to install them.

no problems here with an mx440, tnt2M64 or matrox millenium 2.

  hoverman 19:36 23 Jun 2003

No problems here with 9.0a.

  PSF 19:40 23 Jun 2003

I have been using them since they came out with no problems. GeForce TI 4600 with 44.03 Detonator drivers.

  Taw 19:52 23 Jun 2003

Unforunately I am the opposite after loading on the DX 9 my computer began to freeze every 2-3 minutes needing a complete reboot. Eventually had to do a complete re-install and went back to 8.01 and all has been well since. PC is about 2yr old wth a gf2 mx4

  carlossanchez 20:05 23 Jun 2003

Unless you have a graphics card that needs them theres no need to install them if your computer is already running fine as it seems it will be a long time before games start to use them.

  hoverman 20:26 23 Jun 2003

I recently completed "Splinter Cell". DirectX 9.0 was provided with the the game.

  corc2 20:29 23 Jun 2003

Thanks - i've installed them they seem fine. However, can you shed any light on my other problem click here

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