ArcticSilencer Ruins up Radeon 9600 Graphics Card?

  Lerm 11:33 28 Feb 2007

My fan on my aged Radeon 9600 went and sent off for an Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer 1. I checked the manufacturer's site itself and the supplier and both stated it would fit. Well, got it, fitted it, with some difficulty - pressed against some of the circuitry. Rebooted and now have artifacts on screen. Vertical lines on booting, a constant five bar line by the mouse cursor and some things just not showing with various tasks.

I removed the fan and all these things are still there.

It seems that fitting the card has crushed something somewhere and screwed the card completely or can this be resolved as a software issue?

  Rich Pickings 11:44 28 Feb 2007

This doesn't sound like a software or driver issue although you could try downloading the latest driver from their website just in case.
Also try re-seating the card in case it is not quite fitted correctly.
Did you ensure that you were earthed before you worked on the card? Static electricity will destroy components on any electronic card.
You could inspect the card for damage, but as the legs on the chips are 0.2mm wide and the processor is probably a BGA with the connections underneath, I don't think there will be much you can do. Repair to these cards is a specialist job, it may be a better idea to write it off and buy a new one.

  Lerm 12:33 28 Feb 2007

I fear you may be right, Rich. I took the uptmost care in handling the card and making sure I was earthed, but the fittings themselves were at fault, I fear. The pivot on the bracket on the underside of the card pushed directly against some circuits and part of the fan itself pushed against stuff. I didn't see this at first because of old paper labelling on that part of the underside of the card. That might be it. I think the card is screwed now. The fan was only a stop-gap until I could afford another better card or - oh dreams! - a new PC set up.

Will send the fan back for a refund, and now go on a hunt for a second-hand Radeon 9800, preferably an XT.

But Arctic Cooling are at fault for saying the fan will fit a 9600 when it clearly won't without threatening the integrity of the circuitry on the card. Should have gone for the REVOLTEC. Damn.

  keef66 16:53 28 Feb 2007

click here

Clearly doesn't fit all cards.

Reconditioned 9800 cards used to be available from Retek click here

but all they have atm is pci-e cards. There's a pic of an AGP X800pro, but no price cos it's currently out of stock. You could phone them.

  Lerm 17:09 28 Feb 2007

Thanks keef. Yes, I checked out the measurements and it should have fitted! It was on the underside of the card i think the damage was done. The pivot pressed against some circuitry. They still state on their site that it does fit and on the box. I should have bought the Revoltec universal coooler. It was a difference of £5, well I'm paying for it now!

Radeon 9800s are like a fine old turntable. Much in demand. Only on Ebay can you seem have them to hand and usually the auction for £40 or more.

The same old sites seem to come up with the search engines.

I have an ASUSTeK Computer INC A7V333 motherboard and I'm not savvy enough to know if it can run a PCI card. Don't think it is. Not future-proof in that respect.

I need a new system, I know mine is ancient now, but that's light years away given financial circumstances right now.

Anyone know an AGP NVidia card that is a match for the Radeon 9800??

  keef66 20:57 28 Feb 2007

Your motherboard has an AGP graphics slot and it won't take pci-express cards (It would take a very basic graphics card in one of the pci slots, but that would be a step backwards from AGP)

Decent AGP Nvidia card? depends on your budget. Look at AGP versions of 7600GT and above,

  Lerm 07:01 01 Mar 2007

Thanks keef66, you've been very helpful. I ought to have known that about the motherboard, forlorn hope against hope I suppose! I checked out the card and the prices are slightly steeper than a Radeon 9800, so the Radeon would be the one to go for.

I also checked out some forums doing a search and I'm not the only one who has had a Radeon card ruined by an Arctic Cooling VGA silencer. Wish I had done a search beforehand along the lines of 'Arctic Cooling VGA damage Radeon cards'. But I had no reason to! I spent about a week beforehand tryin to ascertain the compatibility of the card because there ae a confusing number of them and in the end not only did this one not fit, it knackered a perfectly good card that I had been able to run Doom 3 on beforehand more than adequately! Damn I wish I had gone for that Revoltec universal cooler. We live and learn.

Expect me to post a thread in due course asking for the pros and cons of building your own system! Novatech do good looking barebones bundles.

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