Arctic Silver Help on Purchase please

  Giggle n' Bits 15:04 29 Jan 2004


Just realised that my Arctic Silver II tube is empty, I have looked around and find at overclockers website there is about 5 different types of this goo paste stuff what with cyramic type and that I am really confused.

I think I also read there is one where you have to mix a bit from Tube a with Tube b unlles I have been reading double.

So to replace my trusted Arctic Silver II tube which I think they are now on A.C No.5 or is it 6 can someone confirm I just need to look for the name "Arctic Silver 5" ?

Any link to decent prices welcome.

Also I have a local who sell Cooler master version, can this do the same job ?

  The Sack 15:35 29 Jan 2004

I use Arctic Ceramique its dead easy to apply and as effective as the silver types

  leo49 15:38 29 Jan 2004

I used the Coolermaster gunk back in October when I built a couple of PCs - my first builds so can't give you a comparitive view but my CPU temp seems to hold steady at 39 to 40 on a XP2800.

  Allan-263226 16:02 29 Jan 2004

Arctic Silver 5 is the best IMO.

I used it instead of the coolermaster paste I used to have and my temps drop by 7oC, which is quite significant, especially as I overclock.

If you sign up for the forum at OCUK then they will all say the same.


AS 5 is the best, i use it to maintain incedible low temperature's, so much so i put a slower and quieter 80mm fan on top of a XP1700 that spins at 1900 rpm, rather than a 60mm that spin's at 5000rpm which is very noisey. This gives me a temp of about 49 degree's, but my other machine with proper fan is 36 degree's.

  Chegs ® 17:19 29 Jan 2004

Sensor Properties
Sensor Type ITE IT8705F
Sensor Access ISA 290h
Motherboard Name Gigabyte 7VA Series

Motherboard 44 °C (111 °F)
CPU 38 °C (100 °F)

Cooling Fans
CPU 2192 RPM

This with the cheapest goo I could find,bought at puter fair. :-)

  The Sack 18:51 29 Jan 2004

FWIW my Athlon XP2400+ running at 11.5x200 (2.3GHz on a 400MHz FSB with a Vcore of 1.8V) using Arctic Ceramique (£3.50 delivered) in combination with a thermaltake silent boost (ultra quiet HSF) at 100% load is currently 44C, case temp is 30C and room temp is 26C

  Giggle n' Bits 23:00 29 Jan 2004

I am convinced AS 5 to be sound. Now where can I get hold of some ? I see it sells out damn quick, Dabs do not have it as a stock item will go back and check Overclockers uk.

Hope to get my inner pc down to the temp of our current weather here in the North.

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