Archos 10 not connecting to Belkin54g

  speedyg747 13:21 16 Oct 2009

I recently purchased an Archos 10 netbook thinking life would be so much simpler, it was...for about 5 days.

For some reason my Archos 10 says no wireless networks found in range. So I contacted Archos tech support and they said I might have to send it to them to be repaired or back to Amazon (who I bought it off) to get a replacement.

Not wanting to do that just yet I thought I would have one final go at fixing the issue. I did a system restore on my Archos and set my belkin54g wireless router back to factory settings. For some bizarre reason I actually managed to pick up a signal coming from my router since there was no password on there. When you go onto to change the belkin settings I put a password on there for security, WPA/WPA2 PSK and as soon as I did that my Archos couldn't pick up a signal again.

Is there something I am doing wrong because I have always had my router settings on WPA/WPA2 PSK and my brother's Dell Inspiron connects to it without any problems.

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated before I slit my wrists. It's starting to become a joke and it's not even funny. :@

  setecio 16:16 16 Oct 2009

Try moving up the security on the router in steps .

1) No security ... works as you found out.

2) Try WEP

3) Try WPA

4) Try WPA/WPA2

You might find WPA works but WPA/WPA2 doesn't.

Also check Archos site for firmware updates.

  speedyg747 14:28 17 Oct 2009

Okay well all of the sudden it seems to be working. I think it was something to do with actually turning off the router by the wall and then trying to connect to it when turning it on.

I tried every different security setting on my router and my netbook would pick it up and connect to it but as soon as I turned off my netbook and turned it back on or turned the router off it wouldn't pick it up again.

I then reset the router back to factory settings and now for some reason it seems to be working at the moment and connecting okay.

Thanks for the advce anyway

  speedyg747 19:00 18 Oct 2009 it's not working again. It still says no wireless networks found in range. I am damned if I have to keep removing the WPA2-PSK and then adding it on my router every bloody time I want to connect to it. I am starting to think it may be a router problem though as my brother coulnd't connect his dell to it the other day.

Anyone else think it could be something to do with the router?

  speedyg747 19:44 18 Oct 2009

New update. Went on the website of the manufacturer of the wireless card thing. It is Ralink and apparently the model of mine was RT73 (which is what I got from Device Manager) Did a google search and found out that the RT73 is apparently the same as RT2571. Downloaded the Ralink wireless Utility and it has found my router and connected to it at the moment. Not sure how long this will hold out for though. It also updated the driver.

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