Archiving of video tapes

  video 10:16 05 Jan 2004

Hi all

My video recorder is going south and instead of bying a new one I have decided to archive my tapes onto DVDs and enjoy them for much longer.

I've tried to plug my player to my computer but the tapes are copy protected how can I archive them?

Thanks in advance


  xania 10:55 05 Jan 2004

If they are copy protected, this implies that they are copyright material. You will not have a license which permits you to archive them in this way. You will have to buy DVD's separately.

  video 11:08 05 Jan 2004

I can't see myself buying a new dvd of "The Mask of Zorro" though.

Does anyone knows how I can archive old tapes?

  christmascracker 11:14 05 Jan 2004

Some of the old films can be bought at Amazon on DVD for as little as £3.99

  Jester2K 11:18 05 Jan 2004

You are asking to circumvent copy protection. Bit of a no-no here...

  video 11:39 05 Jan 2004

Enough about copy protection blah blah

The law on copying is simple. "encryption doesn’t just prevent unlawful copying. It prevents a DVD-owner from copying legally-purchased content in another format for personal use, as the fair use exception allows".

So my question is "how to archive my videos" and not "is it legal or not". I welcome any technical ideas.

If you want to comment on the copyright go somewhere else.

  Jester2K 11:42 05 Jan 2004

There is NO "fair use" law in the UK. That only applies OUTSIDE the UK.

You cannot LEGALLY "archive" or copy your tapes / CDs / DVDs in the UK for backup / playing in the car or ANY reason.

To copy the tape you need to break the Copy Protection.

  Cooter 13:21 05 Jan 2004

a wider search on the www may bring you some answers!

  video 14:03 05 Jan 2004

Thanks Cooter.

I am looking at this possibility this evening.

  Forum Editor 18:15 05 Jan 2004

when someone is trying to be helpful isn't welcome here. It's all very well for yout to "blah blah" and get all hot under the collar, but the fact is that the advice given to you by other forum users is correct.

You're right when you say "The law on copying is simple...." it is, but not in the way that you seem to think. It's illegal to do what you want to do, and that's that - there's no point in getting annoyed because someone points it out to you.

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