Archiving Outlook messages

  peter_912 17:22 26 Oct 2010

Can anybody out there help with this? I suspect it will help a lot more people than just me. Here it is.

I run MS Outlook 2003/SP3. I am a one-man-band architect and I have over the past few years amassed vast files of correspondence with clients over the Outlook medium. More so even than written correspondence in Word. And with all this correspondence comes the attachments, too, which are often as important as the messages themselves.

I have built a quite complex strusture of files to organise allmy messages to/from my clients.

The problem I have is this: Outlook occasionally 'archives' my collected messages, but I have no idea where to. And I am not at all sure it doesnt erase or overwrite them after a period of time. I want to be able to archive my Outlook messages and store them off my computer, and be able to search them in future. Possibly even transfer them to another computer. These messages are vital to my business, but they are being handled seemingly secretively and out of my control by Outlook.

How can I regain power over Outlook and archive my messages so I can store them securely and read them again in future?

ANY assistance in this will be greatly appreciated. Peter_912

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:27 26 Oct 2010
  Woolwell 18:20 26 Oct 2010

It's been a while since I used Outlook 2003 but under the list of folders in the navigation pane on the left there should be an archive folder and your archive items will be in that. If you click on Outlook 2003 in this link click here it will tell you how to find the location of the pst file. I back up my pst files from time to time to external data.

  muddypaws 19:00 26 Oct 2010

No idea if this is any good to you, but I use it for OE6 mail. Also covers Outlook.
click here
Archives to a 'Deep Invent' folder in Programme Files.
You can copy and paste to whereever you want, but each time you archive you will only get the existing Outlook mail done. Having done the first archive you could probably direct the next session to a new folder, but not sure.

  exdragon 19:07 26 Oct 2010

I use Mailstore too - quick and easy. I never got the hang of the archive folder in 2003, no matter how often I tried to archive, I could never find anything I was looking for.

Probably user error.

  muddypaws 15:40 30 Oct 2010

As a matter of interest ( or not!) when you archive mail it does NOT overwrite previous archives.
I see I have messages in 'sent' back to 2008 and 'in' back to 5/10 presumably the latter due to me deleting them.
So if you archive prior to deleting you appear to have a permanent record.

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