Arbico video/pic editing computer?

  odaiman 19:19 21 Aug 2009

Hi everybody,
I've been looking at Arbico as a desktop but there seems to be no reviews or comments about their products. I constantly edit pictures and work on videos so I need a machine that can handle Photoshop and Premiere pro with reasonable speed (my old laptop Asus A8JS was a bit slow and overheated often and recently broke). Unfortunately Ive only got about £800 to spend. I've looked at this type of computer Arbico AMD Phenom Quad Core ( specific underneath).

- Would this suit my needs
- does anyone have experience with Arbico in general as they seem to be quite cheap incomparison to other companies?

Please give suggestions for other desktops/laptops in the price range and comment on the parts I have chosen. All the help is much appreciated

Arbico AMD Phenom Quad Core - Custom Built Computer
Processor: AMD Phenom II 720 Black Edition Triple Core 2.8GHz x 3
Motherboard: Asrock K10N78
Memory: 4GB (2 x 2GB) Kingston PC6400 800Mhz DDR2
PCI-E Graphics: 1GB ATI HD4650
Primary Hard Drive: 500GB 7200rpm SATA II
Front USB Ports: 2 Front USB Ports
Back USB Ports: 4 Back USB Ports
Firewire: 3 Port PCI Fire Wire Card
TFT Monitor: 19" HannsG HW191D Widescreen VGA/DVI, 700:1, 5ms -
Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (32bit Version)
Price; £682.23 = 1120$

  accordion 06:58 22 Aug 2009

I can recommend Power Computing for good prices and reliable equipment. Have a look and compare the spec plus price to the Arbico:

click here


  GaT7 19:01 22 Aug 2009

As you work with pictures, I would recommend a non-TN based Dell monitor - an Ultrasharp 2209WA click here / click here. It's a little expensive at ~£200, but you won't regret it.

This quad-core base unit for £350 click here, can't be too far off the performance of your Arbico PC. You might want to add a dedicated graphics card for under £25 click here.

So for £580 (£100 less than the Arbico) you'll be getting a more-or-less equivalent PC & much better monitor. G

  OTT_Buzzard 20:35 22 Aug 2009

click here

Is also worth a look. Spec looks a higher than Crossbow's suggestion, but so is the price at £450.

  GaT7 21:19 22 Aug 2009

OTT_Buzzard's Novatech Ricochet suggestion is an excellent choice too from an excellent retailer.

Just be aware that it doesn't include an OS for money. As you opted for Vista before, I'd be inclined to omit Vista altogether, install the free Win7 RC & buy pre-order Win7 for £64 off Amazon click here.

With the Dell 2209WA, & for only ~£40 more overall than the Arbico, you're looking at a far superior system. G

  odaiman 14:52 23 Aug 2009

thanks for all the replies. the Novatech system looks like quite a good choise! I was wondering if you guys would know if it can be upgraded to take 8GB of Ram.

Also is the riochet Pro a lot superior to the ricohet as it seems it only has 500gigs more space and DDR3 grafics card instead of the DDR2. Doesnt seem quite worth stretching the budget for it.Am i wrong?

  GaT7 15:05 23 Aug 2009

I think you'll need to contact Novatech about the 8Gb upgrade possibility. Remember only a 64-bit OS will recognise/utilise >4Gb - Win7 comes with both versions of course.

Don't go for the Ricochet Pro - the graphics card on that (they're different actually) is way overkill for what you'll be using it for. The HD4650 on the std Ricochet is overkill too, but I don't think one can change it for anything lower in the configuration.

500Gb-1Tb drives cost between £35-50 only these days & can be added later if required. Having another drive is recommended for backups, so would be worth getting one. It still falls well within your budget as well. G

  OTT_Buzzard 15:09 23 Aug 2009

Novatech would be able to give the definitive answer to max RAM support, however the G43 chupset that the motherboard uses is capable of supporting 16GB DDR2 RAM. It goes without sayng that you'll need a 64 bit operating system if you have 8GB RAM (not meaning to insult you!).

Is the Pro better value for money? I'd be inclined to phone them and ask them to upgrade the RAM to 8GB on the standard version (assuming it can be done) and spend any extra cash on that. Also worth asking about a 1TB drive upgrade if you thnk 500gb is short for your usage.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:11 23 Aug 2009

Bit of cross posting there, but wise words you speak!

  odaiman 15:20 23 Aug 2009

wow fast replies! thanks a million. the 500gb is enough as i already have two external harddrives as backups and storage. WIll give them a ring about the ram, and good that you pointed out the 64/bit OS as I did not know that 32 only supports up2 4gb. Cheers!

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