Aquiring an IP address

  Fateful Shadow 22:21 19 Aug 2005

Everytime I want to connect to broadband via a router an IP address has to be aquired and then it'll let me onto the internet. This takes about a minute usually and I was wondering whether I could speed up the process somehow?

Thanks :)

  Taff36 22:27 19 Aug 2005

If you`re trying to do this at start up it will seem to take ages because there are loads of other things "still loading in the background". The short answer is I don`t think so, It depends on the router primarily and also what other tasks your own computer is attending to. But I may be wrong!

  Fateful Shadow 22:35 19 Aug 2005

It's about the same at start up as it is if I've just taken the PC out of standy by or hibernation. I was just wondering whether I could give it an IP address so it didn't have to search everytime I click, but my networking knowledge is limited so I'm in the dark a bit here!

Thanks anyway Taff36 :)

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