Aquired an old PC

  kev57 16:46 27 Jan 2006

Packard Bell Pulsar 16, do any of you kind people have any idea what cpu,memory etc this computer has, i caanot boot it up as yet because i dont know what operating system to put on, there was no h/drive in when i got it, any help would be most appreciated, cheers

  Skyver 16:49 27 Jan 2006

Looks like this matches; click here

  kev57 17:02 27 Jan 2006

many thanks Skyver thats all the info i needed

  Diemmess 17:11 27 Jan 2006

If the HD is the only missing component (sufficient RAM ?) and is the only reason this computer is out of action, it would be a reasonable challenge just to see it live again.

Do be aware that it is truly obsolete, will probably run W98SE well enough and do traditional things like letters internet and accounts.

I addition to the need for a new HD and access to the correct motherboard drivers, remember that any other hardware needs will be difficult to find and costly because of the "We don't get much call for that" syndrome.

  woodchip 17:15 27 Jan 2006

You will not, I don't think be able to buy a new drive that will work on the comp. You need to go to a computer fair for a old cheap small drive. As the BIOS will not run a big one

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