April Fools?

  Bacon & Eggs 17:26 01 Apr 2003

Just a quick one... seeing that it's today, has anyone seen any good April Fools?

I've taken a quick glance at a few newspapers and the Register, but not seen anything that looks as if it is one yet...

  trekkieΩ 17:40 01 Apr 2003

Apparantly London Zoo has been complaining about numerous calls made to the Zoo and the individuals then asking to speak to a Mr Lyon.

They're response to these calls now are like follows: Sorry Mr Lion is asleep at the moment, could Mr elephant be of some assistance.


  Bacon & Eggs 17:50 01 Apr 2003

I meant things like an advert I once saw for an NEC phone I think it was, promising live video calls and a full colour screen... available 1st April for £1499.

I mean, no-one would ever make a phone that did that would they?

  Goldcroft 18:04 01 Apr 2003

There are four secondhand phones of that model on ebuyer.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 18:22 01 Apr 2003
  Tenner 18:24 01 Apr 2003

Must admit - this had me wondering click here
this week's special at the bottom of the page, but I'm no expert, could be genuine.

  tbh72 18:30 01 Apr 2003

click here

lets hope this one is a joke

  Stuartli 20:18 01 Apr 2003

The Mail had one about moths eating GM crops, which are supposed to include pesticides, being immune to them and growing up to four times larger...:-)

  pj123 20:31 01 Apr 2003

It was Mr C Lion. and Mr G Raffe. What about the one Richard Dimbelbey did about Spaghetti growing on trees???

  sil_ver 20:53 01 Apr 2003

My god! your showing your age now :-) There is one in this weeks edition of Computer Active regarding downloading learning programs to your brain via a usb port. I mean - that's got to be a spoof - hasn't it? ;-))

  sil_ver 20:55 01 Apr 2003

Oops! sorry trekkieQ, twas was meant for pj123

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