Applications VERY slow to start after re-boot

  c8jra 11:08 13 Jan 2012

Hi all,

This has become a very annoying problem, which has me foxed. Any gurus out there??

XP SP3 with all the updates. Athlon 64 X2, 2Gb

Never had performance issues with this m/c. On a full system boot, boots fine, login is fine. When I open apps, the system just sits and waits, upto and around 10mins. Its not hung, as many other things work fine. Apps that have this 'wait': Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, SuperAntiSpyware, W.MediaPlayer Apps that do not have this wait (slower than normal, but only 1-2secs wait): KMplayer, CCleaner, Word, PPt, Excel, and many of the Windows tools (ie start menu, cmd, cntrl panel, etcetc.

This is within the past 2 weeks. Cant be precise as I normally standby overnight. If I use the machine normally, then close every App, and then standby, then every app opens at normal speed. So it is first time use for apps after a full re-boot.

Using task manager, during this wait period, I see memory around 300Mb/2892Mb Cpu usage 1% and stable CPU process usage, system idle 99% and stable The only clue I can offer in this wait period is 'page faults' and PF delta, which has modest and intermittent activity for jqs and avast. Climbing slowly to about 1m each. Then the system bursts into life, all as normal.

So whats changed in the last 2 weeks? Nothing major. I can recall auto updates to Windows, Avast, SAS, Adobe, AdobeAir, and maybe others. I have 11 restore points in the last 2 weeks. But I dont want to blindly step back through them without knowing what/where the problem is.

It seems/feels like the apps are either waiting for Avast, or a web connection (update check?). Internet is broadband, stable 8Mb, and not recently changed.

(edit)Needless to say, I have done a full virus, spy and rootkit check. Nothing to report.

Are there any tools that will help me analyse where the problem is.? Is there a know problem with the latest XP SP3 updates, or Avast, or Java, or something else.? Any other advise as to what to look at/for?

Many thanks. Jai.

  Snrub 12:49 13 Jan 2012

Hi jai not a guru but muddle through with the help of this website like most of us. As you say this problem would be easier to understand if the cpu was running at a high percentage. You could try running 'Prism Hud' a freebie from which shows ontop layer of screen what is occurring on your computer at anytime. Download and run it. This would give you an understanding of what is running. A good diagnostic starting point. It indicates current use of cpu, memory, hard disk volume, faults etc. It also indicates what program is loading up and shows if it sticks on a program, then that is a possible culprit for the problem. I wouldn't be surprised if it is firewall/anti virus related in which case an uninstall/reinstall may be required. Before you start the above just try running Ccleaner in safemode with networking and restart normally.

  Terry Brown 13:32 13 Jan 2012

Try downloadinng 'Startup.exe'

This works like MSconfig, but is alot clearer to understand and adjust.Have a look at what is running at startup and if multiple users are logged on at the same time.


  kidsis 14:12 13 Jan 2012

other thoughts: anything to report in event viewer? How much space is left on the hard drive. If you start in safe mode is the situation the same or better.

  c8jra 17:37 15 Jan 2012

Thanks for all your help, people.

The saga is nearly at an end. 1. If I power up windows, but DO NOT login, but wait for 10 mins, then login, there is no problem. So its not a user profile, but the windows boot that is causing the wait. 2. If I boot in safe mode, there is no problem. 3. BUT, when I did a normal boot after the SAFE boot, I got the lovely msg along the lines of "Windows has detected a significant change to your hardware, and you have 3 days to re-activate your copy of windows".

I have added memory 3 years ago, but nothing more at all, only this safe boot. Well thats MS for you...

PLAN A. Re-activate windows, and continue to problem solve (hell its only a 10 wait, and the work-around is to use standby most nights. No brainer). Q1. In your DIRECT experience, will I have ANY problems in revalidating windows. It is a fully legit OEM copy of full (not upgrade) XP, and I have the disk and codes etc. Lets hope this works.

If for any reason MS will not allow me to re-validate, then I understand that they will FORCE me to buy a new licence. Bxxxxxxxds. But before a fresh, and not cheap re-install, I have a...

PLAN B. I have a 6 month old DRIVEIMAGE XML backup image. I have: Drive0 (internal), C: windows plus programs, D: Data Drive1 (USB), X: all DATA backups (current), Y: Image of C: and I have a working UBCD4Win boot CD (with driveimage) and when I created the image, I ran the 'synthetic' test, and the image was valid. Q2. If you have experience of driveimage, what is the risk of it NOT working (I'm overwriting C: completely). C: is 50Gb, 27Gb used. I have made very few changes since, as all the data is on X: and all the new progs are on X: The image is 25Gb (light compression) alone in a 34Gb partition. Q3. If it works, will Windows STILL need re-validating, or not. For sure, my 'boot wait' problem will go away...

Please, all your thoughts and experience are needed here, as I am two days away from potentially windows expiring, and looking at a either an image refresh or a full rebuild.

What would YOU do????? THANKS...

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