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  User-51BBE729-99D6-49AD-885EA3C3E8B2F956 23:52 09 Feb 2008

I am having major problems opening and closing everything on my computer and it is getting worse. I have PC Tools spyware doctor with antivirus,registry fix, privacy guardian, spam monitor and symantec antivirus. I ran malware log and it noted multiple low level tracking threats but also noted malware in the form of application.keystroke spy and adyieldmanager. Spyware doctor says they quarantined it and also caught adyieldmanager but computer still takes several minutes to open and close anything, with some things like email account sign-in pages and symantec antivirus application not closing at all. I know the malware is not gone cause I am getting warnings from spyware about other "ad" type threats. When I run malware log again, it freezes when scanning browser "trusted sites" area. To make matters worse, spyware tech support emailed me to add three spyware exe type files to spyware doctor, symantec and windows firewall which seems to have made things worse. On top of that I tried to tighten up my browser cookies and now browser pages are not loading colors and pictures (when they load at all). Word applications won't open and the whole system stops for long periods if I open task manager. spyware tech support is not available until day after tomorrow and I am afraid everything will be corrupted by then. I appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.

  rdave13 00:00 10 Feb 2008

If you can, then download asquared, update and run a deep scan. Will take some time.
click here

  birdface 08:20 10 Feb 2008

You can't have 2 anti-virus programs running at the same time.You will need to remove one of them.

  birdface 08:39 10 Feb 2008

Looks like a job for the Malware Forum. click here If you go there and sign in.And download HJT from their site and post it.They will help clean out your computer of any problems.It will take a few days as they are busy.

just an update on problem. Thank you to rdave13-I downloaded asquared and ran it but it stopped when scanning cookies.automatic symantec antivirus ran during that time-may have caused conflict? also clock has stopped. I opened taskbar and start menu window during asquared scan and it never closed. now have stopped asquared window open with blue screen in background. am wondering if I have conflicts causing problems. is possible that spyware doctor captured keystroke malware and admanager type problems and current problems are software conflict problems. will uninstall spyware doc antivirus component and leave symantec (thank you buteman). have 4 yr old dell HD with new HP monitor newly installed. HD needs new graphics card to run monitor-not yet installed. monitor automatically tries to apply optimal settings on start-up and monitor software has browser objects embedded. could be conflict with spyware doc running in background, and frequent privacy guardian runs. Am beginning to think I need to hire professional to come to house, as blue screen with asquared window in foreground may mean no more access to computer.

  rdave13 19:04 10 Feb 2008

Have you tried tapping F8 on boot up and going to safe mode. Uninstall one antivirus program and see if you can scan for malware from there.

  mfletch 19:09 10 Feb 2008



Click start

Click Run

Type in the box msconfig

Click OK

Click on the start up tab and remove the tick from spyware doctor


Restart your computer

Is your computer ok know?


Thanks again to everyone for help. I will try it all. Just wanted all posters to know their help does not go unnoticed. It is just that each keyboard click to execute a command like open or close takes up to 30 minutes. I do one click and then go do other things, coming back each half hour or so to do another command. Good news is blue screen was temporary. Looks like everything is still intact, but nothing can be opened. One thing I have learned here is to doubt my spyware doctor and symantec antivirus programs. rdave13 suggested deleting one antivirus and running another, but both spyware doc and symantec did not detect anything (after the initial keystroke and admanager capture) yet asquared captured 24 notable objects in only a partial scan. I did successfully quarantine them. I think I will be accomplishing rdave13's suggestion by following mfletch'es suggestion of unchecking spyware doctor? I am assuming "remove tick" means "uncheck". Will post results after I have finished this suggestion.

  pac73 20:45 10 Feb 2008

Could you tell us what Security programs you,ve got on your pc.
Things like,Firewall,Antispyware,etc.....

  RINGO51 13:44 20 Feb 2008

No doubt about it, that PC Tools is an excellent tool to remove Spyware, but my HP 1.5 gigabyte memory machine started to freeze and it slowed down to a crawl, so the problem went away when I DISABLED PC TOOLS SPYWARE DOCTOR ONGUARD PROTECTION feature.
It is a shame!

I have AVAST Antivirus running all the time, but I have AVG antivirus disabled, therefore I run AVG manually so both Antivirus would not conflict with each other.

I took my computer hard drive to a professional computer technician to repair, as the computer progressively declined in function over time.
That technician attempted to uninstall and reinstall the operating system and relevant software. He was unable to reinstall the operating system on the existing hard drive and put in a new hard drive inside the computer tower. I will be getting my computer back soon, and will be very cautious about downloads from now on.

I want to install Adaware, spyware doctor and symantec antivirus and I hope these programs will prevent any future problems.I will also not download any more free programs from the internet (although asquared was a great help).

This coming summer I plan to purchase a iMAC desktop,as a friend who has an iMAC reports no problems with malware. I noticed some programs that will enable me to transfer PC based word documents to the iMAC as necessary.

Thanks again to all for your help. I am impressed that you were willing to offer help and your time, with no compensation for your services.

I think PC Advisor is a great website, although I am hoping I won't need any more assistance with malware infestations!


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