Apparent conflict between Word and Monitor

  slab-lane 22:44 06 Jun 2005

I use Windows XP home and Office XP. When using Word, after a time the monitor picture scrambles in vertical stripes. I have replaced the monitor and the problem still occurs. The monitor/display info is RADEON 7500 SERIES Display adapter and CTX 16.3 monitor(16.3"vis). Any ideas?

  Taff36 23:25 06 Jun 2005

How long has this been going on because I don`t think this is anything to do with word. If you close word down when this happens how does the monitor behave with another program?

  westwit 23:30 06 Jun 2005

You might want to check out if you still get the problem with a different graphics card, if you have access to another one; or try your card in a different PC. I experienced this stripes problem with my old PC and it turned out to be the graphics card overheating because the fan stopped working. I had a similar problem six months ago with a brand new MESH PC and they eventually replaced both the graphics card and the PSU.

  DieSse 00:09 07 Jun 2005

Yup - it'll be the graphics card.

  slab-lane 19:06 07 Jun 2005

Thanks. I'll try the graphics card, any idea what card won't cause a problem or is just a duff card?

  westwit 00:21 09 Jun 2005

More than likely just a duff card, and nothing to do with MS Word. When my graphics card went the thing that seemed to set it off was scrolling through long Word docs using the mouse wheel. You don't say what else you run on your PC, but if its only MS Office you don't need a fancy / expensive graphics card.

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