an apology to Fred the flour grader

  p;3 00:09 14 Feb 2007

try again;please see this thread click here
and my last entry on it;again my apologies for making incorrect assumptions and thus giving offense to you among others

mea culpa


  Totally-braindead 01:01 14 Feb 2007

It happens to the best of us p;3 I too initially thought it was a copy because of fred the flour graders description of the OS - "it's a copy of xp home that a friend in the computer industry has given me"
Now I wish to offend no one but fred the flour grader if you read this with no knowledge of the person who had posted it would you not also wonder if it was a legal copy?
p;3 in his defence merely stood up for the rules of the Forum and I personally think he has nothing to appologise for. He asked a question which was not answered and then asked again and once the answer was given tried to help.
Sorry fred if you are upset but given what was said it was reasonable to ask the question was it a legal copy. And once you answered it was a legal copy p;3 was more than willing to help and thats fair.
Your posting about the p in p;3 standing for policeman is not fair.
I'm sorry you were upset fred but if you read what you said then p;3s assumption is perfectly reasonable and all he did was ask for you to clarify the situation.

  Diversion 01:34 14 Feb 2007

One should not be judged on assumptions, as p;3 did with Fred The Flower Grader. I personally would have asked what the P stood for. And I also agree with what Fred said about p;3 getting a job with Microsoft's Anti-Piracy department, because the way he jumped down Fred's throat I was thinking he was a partner in the Microsoft company. I think it's only right that he should apologise to Fred The Flour Grader as he had done nothing wrong. I bought another COPY of XP Pro because the recovery disk would not repair my computer. Does the last statement mean that I am a criminal or breaking any copyright rules by saying it was a copy of XP Pro?

  Strawballs 01:42 14 Feb 2007

No because you said you bought a copy of XP Pro and fred said he was given a copy and would not clarify P;3's question when first asked.

  Diversion 01:49 14 Feb 2007

So what's the difference between buying a legal copy and being given a legal copy, does that make Fred a criminal? I think not.

  Meshuga 08:14 14 Feb 2007

Having read the original thread I too would have had doubts of its legality, however it is a known fact that it is impossible to gauge the tone of voice when reading text. I am sure p:3 was not implying that fred was a criminal but merely pointing out the forum rules where there was doubt something. In view of his very genuine apology once the situation was clarified I think fred should accept it as such.

  jbaker65 08:44 14 Feb 2007

I think everyone is being over sensitive and it should all be forgotten.

  Spark6 11:38 14 Feb 2007

Agreed. Anyway, any irregular behaviour will swiftly be dealt with by FE if it is brought to his attention.

  terryf 11:49 14 Feb 2007

I am sorry to say that I agree with p:3 original comment, to me in this age of copying 'a copy of' does perhaps imply not an original, especially coupled with 'given to me by some-one in the industry'. However best all forgotten now, apologies have been made, tears should be dried and smiles put back on faces.

  p;3 13:51 14 Feb 2007

to those who have visited here and passed comment , my thanks;
it would be good if the recipient of the apology also popped in

I would like to clarify a point raised from all this; I know of a forum member who, not so long ago, spend some considerable time on a thread trying to sort out a problem, only to finally discover that the recipient of the advise was, in fact, using a copy (PIRATED)version of the program and not an original

to avoid issues of legality it would be helpful if members could phrase their wording of the originality of software to be precise about its originality

I am sorry if my original comments caused concern, but sometimes clarification is needed and, if I had a thread running and was asked for confirmation that I was using original software I would be only too pleased to clarify that

as to being in Microsoft's police brigade, maybe that is a tad of an insult to me ;

I think NONE of us should be affronted or aggieived if someone on our thread enquires as to the originality of the software; far better to ask and be safe than to NOT ask and discover that advise has been given on the use of pirated items


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