aol/speedtouch/belkin network problems.

  maccster 15:11 03 Feb 2006

i cant get my belkin wireless card for my laptop to coop with my speedtouch router. i'm on aol and have the router as part of an upgrade. any help please?

  keewaa 15:39 03 Feb 2006

Need more info:
Router model number
Belkin card model number
Do you have anything working wired to the router, as you always need to get a modem working wired before trying wireless.

  maccster 15:56 03 Feb 2006

router model number- speedtouch 576. belkin card number-wireless g notebook network card, 802.11g. the only thing working wired is a pc. on the instasll of this router it said that the modem was configured.

  annalexsandra 15:59 03 Feb 2006

we are on speedtouch and i want to run two computers on tiscali broadband can i do this and how.

  keewaa 16:50 03 Feb 2006

So does the wired PC work 100% with internet and everything you want? No point in trying to sort out the wireless problem until everything works via ethernet first.

If so then on the laptop temporarily disable the wireless connection (network connections, right click - disable), plug the laptop into the router via an ethernet cable, and then check that the laptop also works 100% with everything wired.

  maccster 17:10 03 Feb 2006

just tried the laptop with the wired connection and it says can't find dns' unable to sign on.

  keewaa 19:08 03 Feb 2006

Go into Network Connections, right click on the LAN connection, properties, TCP/IP, properties
check obtain IP automatically and
obtain dns server address automatically are both ticked.

Go to a command prompt and type IPCONFIG /ALL
and copy in here what it says.

  maccster 20:24 03 Feb 2006

do you mean on the laptop or my pc?

  maccster 20:31 03 Feb 2006

also how do i get to a command prompt please?

  keewaa 22:13 03 Feb 2006

ON laptop

  maccster 10:50 04 Feb 2006

ok on the laptop it says this after putting in the command prompt- windows ip configuration host name- the roach primary dns suffix- node type- hybrid ip routing enabled- no wins proxy enabled- no. ethernet adapter bluetooth network: media state- media disconnected description- bluetooth lan acsess server driver physical address- 00-0b-0d-61-02-c4 ethernet adapter wireless network connection media state- media disconnected description- belkin 802.11g wireless card physical address= 00-11-50-91-3a-b4. any ideas?

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