L plate marky 19:05 24 Apr 2004

Whenever I try to shut down a box comes up saying it's ending the above program, but then is unable to?

Apart from restore xp which I seem to have to do more and more has anyone any other ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:18 24 Apr 2004

Do / did you have AOL installed? It could be that it is corrupted somehow. Do a reinstall if you still use AOL.

  bertiecharlie 19:24 24 Apr 2004

This seems to be a problem since they brought out AOL Version 9.0. Don't run the AOL Companion, one emininent site called it a "terrible" programme. I also uninstalled Quick Time which was downloaded with AOL 9.0. It's a media player but I bet you have other media players on your computer. The only irritation is that it asks you if you want to download it again before signing in.

When you get the little box telling you windows is trying to end the programme don't be afraid to click "end now".

  Graham ® 19:57 24 Apr 2004

Try this. Start, Search, all files and folders, '', Enter. Right click on each and Delete.

  L plate marky 13:03 25 Apr 2004

Thanks for the suggestions. I've heard of AOL Companion but can't think what it is. Is it like MSN, and where would I find it to uninstall it?

My last system restore got rid od AOL9 and I have AOL8 back up and running and seems fine, I just don't like having to restore frequently and this isn't the first time I've encountered this problem.

Thanks again.

  bertiecharlie 15:58 25 Apr 2004

Sorry for delay. You can't uninstall AOL Companion, as it is part of the AOL programme, but I would advise you not to use it. I know this is part of AOL 9.0. Not 100% sure it was part of AOL 8.0. (It is just a little tray that will appear on your desktop when you minimise AOL. Tells you whether or not you have any new emails or if someone is trying to contact you with an Instant Message).

On AOL if you go to Keyword and type in companion you will find out whether it's there on AOL 8.0. If it is there, it will give you the option to enable it or not. You can enable it and disable as you like.

It doesn't appear that you are actually running it so it probably isn't the reason why you are having difficulty closing down your computer.

After closing down AOL perhaps try waiting 30 seconds to a minute before closing down your computer. Don't be afraid to click the "end now" box, however, if the problem continues.

I am not sure that AOL Live Help will be of any assistance but it might be worth a try. Also, have a look on the AOL Message Boards (Computing & Technology). Someone else might be having the same problem.

This response should bump your question to the top of the Helproom and, perhaps, someone with more knowledge than me might be able to help.

  L plate marky 19:55 25 Apr 2004

Thanks bc.

  gold 47 21:23 25 Apr 2004

Also check AOL dialer click on aol icon then sign on options then uncheck the AOL default dialer i assume your using broadband.

  bertiecharlie 09:02 03 May 2004

Assuming you are on Broadband, but were originally on dial up, you will find that "AOL Dial up" is still in your Start Up programmes.

Go to Start - Run - type in msconfig - this will give you a list of the programmes starting up with your computer. Find Aol Dial up, (it will be at the top), and untick the box. Windows will ask you to restart your computer. (As it restarts it will give a message about starting in diagnostic mode - just tick the box not to show these details again, nothing to worry about).

This should solve the problem as, if you can stop the programme running in the first place, you won't have trouble ending it.

(Any changes you make in msconfig can be undone by going back into it and ticking the box for the appropriate programme - disabled start up programmes always appear at the bottom of the list).


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