AOL wont connect on new PC

  taffyal 11:54 19 Jul 2008

My sister has my old PC, 1.2 cpu, 512 ram running XP.When she installsed AOL, it connected OK. When she turned it off & tried to restart, it went through to "password", then stopped, & wouldnt connect.When I had it, it ran Tiscali, via a wired router. I also tested it with Tiscali pay & as you go, through an old modem. I have told her to remove the old modem, & delete any references to Tiscali.Could this have caused the problem though? As I say it connected to AOL when first installed, then wouldnt reconnect. I would have thought that any problem with Tiscali would have prevented it connecting at all. I cant look at it myself, as she lives miles away!Any advise please?

  Diemmess 12:36 19 Jul 2008

During the last week or so there have been many threads from those in trouble.
They all turned out to have these common factors regardless of the ISP.
They were all running XP with recent updates
They were all using Zone Alarm as a firewall
It seems that one particular MS Security fix update came into conflict with almost the latest ZA, with the result that there was no way the sufferer could go online.

If your problem PC doesnt have both XP and ZA, then don't bother to read on, the rest won't apply.

Temporary cure is to uninstall the update, but this is unnecessary if you go to the ZA website and download the latest Free, Firewall only, file.
This should have a name "zlsSetup_70_483_000_en.exe"
Mrelt check that this is the file you have downloaded, run it so that it will overwrite the existing ZA and "Bob's yer uncle!

  taffyal 12:45 19 Jul 2008

Thanks Diemmess, but its not running Zone Alarm.

  Diemmess 17:41 19 Jul 2008

I hoped someone else might have picked this up and offered their suggestions.

I would ask you to look at and and read this particular thread- click here

It seems the snag can apply to several other Firewall and security suites as well.
I know the remedy works for ZA but you can test your responsiblility by having them search Control Panel > Add/remove programs, ..... look for "KB951748" among the Security updates and uninstall it.
If you now have internet access again, you have proved the source of the problem.
Unfortunately this "Update" itself and will recur until you have found the fix with whatever no-windows security you are using.

Of course all this may have nothing to do with the problem, but has to be worth a try, will not crash anything and is reversible.

  Diemmess 17:46 19 Jul 2008

I apologise for a meaningless sentence...
"I know the remedy works for ZA but you can test your responsiblility by having them search >"..........!

What I meant is - You can check the possible cause by uninstalling the particular Security Update, and see if that fixes the problem.

  realist 20:43 19 Jul 2008

Check under Network Connections and see if DialBB is listed there. If so, you need first to double-click DialBB to connect to internet and then, once connected, open AOL preferably version 9.0 VR.

  taffyal 12:20 20 Jul 2008

Thanks, both. Have sent her this page, hope it works for her. otherwise, 100 mile trip for me to look at it!! Thanks again, Al.

  provider 2 12:26 20 Jul 2008

This might help. It`s rather a long read, though:

click here

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