AOL wont connect

  taffyal 16:19 13 Aug 2004

My sister has been running AOL for an year now, with, perhaps surprisingly, no problems. Today, when she tries to log on, it goes as far as checking password, then stops. She rang AOLs helpline to be told "of course it wont work, you only have 64 Ram". It has worked perfectly till now with 64ram, & we cant see why it wont continue to work! Nothing has changed since yesterday! She has Win98. I told her to call the hotline again, & say she was told rubbish. Can anyone here suggest anything? Thanks, Al

  pj123 16:38 13 Aug 2004

Are you sure it hasn't been updated to AOL Version 9? which may well need more that 64mb of ram.

  taffyal 16:48 13 Aug 2004

Thanks, pj. She turned it off last night, & turned it back on this morning. That may have been what AOL had in mind with their reply, though
she has done nothing to it- she knows even less than me!!! Cheers, Al.

  pj123 16:53 13 Aug 2004

Although I am on NTL Broadband on this PC I have another PC which is on AOL Dialup. I have just tried to log on to AOL and I can't. I have 256mb of ram and am using AOL 9. I have just rung the helpdesk (which didn't help in my case) but they did assure me that if you are running AOL 9 you will need at least 128mb of ram. So maybe there is something else wrong with the AOL connection at the moment.

  pj123 18:59 13 Aug 2004

I have just tried AOL again and it is now working OK. I would suggest if your sister has AOL 9 she updates her memory to at least 128mb.

  taffyal 12:49 14 Aug 2004

She has not updated to AOL9-I have suggested she take out AOL & put it back in from her original disc, so its definitely not AOL9, unless they can uprate it from their end? I had similar problems with AOL months ago when I first started, so scrapped them & went to Tiscali, since when, no problems- touch wood!Cheers, Al

  Graham ® 14:05 14 Aug 2004

64mb would seem the minimum ram for AOL 8:

click here

  taffyal 14:53 14 Aug 2004

Yes, I thought it rather low, but shes had no trouble with it so far-until this problem. cheers,Al

  taffyal 17:05 14 Aug 2004

Sis just been on phone- seems she'd got a new camera from Argos, just before the problem started! She just tried the camera on her friends up to the minute PC with XP- same problem, then couldnt get on to AOL! I told her friend to uninstal the camera, & everything went back to normal!!! So it would seem the camera is doing something it shouldnt! Any suggestions please? Cheers, Al

  Graham ® 19:26 14 Aug 2004

Digital cameras sometimes cause problems which are difficult to pin down. Suggest uninstall camera software and purchase a card reader. If Argos is your sisters store of choice, click here

  taffyal 12:12 15 Aug 2004

Have found its the card thats causing the problem, camera is OK! Card was bought seperate from Jessops, shes taking it back tomorrow. cant understand why, but it seems the card is doing something!- camera seems OK on internal memory.
Thanks. Al

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