AOL without it's software

  @jc 21:37 16 Mar 2004

Hi all,

A while back i saw on a thread on here about using AOL broadband without installing the software,Can anyone tell me if they've tried this and there opinion about it,Have there been and problems,If so what are they,Also a complete tutorial of how it's done would be great.

Thanks in advance

  Djohn 22:46 16 Mar 2004

click here is the one you want. Good luck and let us know how you get on, if any problems please post back to this thread.

Regards. j.

  Djohn 22:48 16 Mar 2004

Scroll down to the post from "The Sack" at 22:54

  @jc 23:05 16 Mar 2004

Thank Djohn

I've got this link i was just waiting to get feed back before i tried it,Like other's to test the water before i dip a toe.

Thats why i left it a while,Thought any problems would have shown themselves by now,If there are any.

  Djohn 23:20 16 Mar 2004

Not tested it myself as I'm no longer with AOL but "The Sack" is a reliable source of information regarding AOL as is "Hol-Pol" and "Mango Grummit".

If "The Sack" says it works, it works.

Regards. j.

  @jc 17:14 17 Mar 2004


  @jc 17:57 17 Mar 2004

Can anyone please confirm that they have managed to do this,and if there's any problems they've encounted using it.

  JerryJay 18:31 17 Mar 2004

If you have router, just borrow a PC/Laptop with Lan (Ethernet) Port and no AOL software from you mate, connect to router and you will find out it works or not.

I do not use AOL, but what "The Sack" says make perfect technical sense.

"The Sack" says: "If you are using a DSL modem just don?t install the AOL software, just install the modem drivers, put your full screen name in and password (8 or less letters) and away you go."

  Djohn 18:34 17 Mar 2004

@jc. if you click on the yellow envelope next to "The Sack's" name in the thread from my link, your mail will go direct to him instead of the forum.

I'm sure he will not mind if you approach him in a polite manner. He will receive your mail containing your private e-mail address and he can answer you direct or via the forum.

If he replies via the forum it may be to the other thread so keep your eye on both. If he replies in private with guide-lines on how to do it then maybe you will be kind enough to post your results back to the forum for others to see.

I would not normally advise direct contact but this is an exceptional case in the sense that very few members will have tried this method of running AOL to date.

Regards. j

  Djohn 18:39 17 Mar 2004

As JerryJay says in the post above, it does seem quite straightforward and I can see no problems that you will encounter.

You will be connecting direct to AOL without all the software installed so your connection will work just as if you were connecting to any one of the other ISP's that don't require software content. j.

  @jc 19:23 17 Mar 2004

Thank Djohn and jerryjay ,I've searched this alot and cannot get a straight answer,i don't have a router so can not try jerryjays way,I saw i another forum that this was not possible and am just wanting someone who has achieved this to comfirm it work's with no problems atached.

The guy in the other forum said it was possible to connect maybe,but you would not be able to surf.

I'm not going to try it till someone can confirm it does work.

It certainly sound like it could but would like more details.


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