treblebob 13:24 27 May 2007

Following on from the thread by Pallbearer..

I've just moved home and want to set up a wireless network.
Also with AOL (but paying 14.99 for silver!!)
I got the netgear router but haven't yet got an adapter so I will get a netgear as suggested.
Just one question though...does the router have to be connected to one of the PC's on the network.
Where the phoneline comes into the house I don't want one and can't be arsed to mess about with trailing wires.
I have two desktops and will be buying a laptop
One of the desktops is a DELL Dimension...will this have a built in wireless adapter?


  missingit 15:46 27 May 2007


  flyingbrit 15:24 31 May 2007

treblebob....I've just gone thru' the proccess of setting an AOL Netgear router up for a pc and a wireless laptop. I have the pc wired to the router but to connect to the laptop via wirless, I don't have to have the pc turned on (only power to router) If you have a wireless dongle for the pc without wireless intigrated you will have no problem. All you need is the pc or laptop wired to the router for setup, then you can go wireless after that. To round up, if you have computers upstairs and the router downstairs you will only have to have any of them wired to the router for setup purposses, after that no more wires. Hope this helps.....John

  FreeCell 21:30 31 May 2007

Unlikely a Dell Dimension desktop has a built in wireless adaptor. Need to buy a USB adaptor for this as well.

As flyingbrit says use a network cable to connect router to pc for initial set up of router and wireless security etc.

  rodriguez 12:33 07 Jun 2007

You can sit the wireless router down by the phoneline if you don't want trailing wires. This just means that all of your computers will need wireless adapters. You can still do all the initial setup wirelessly, if it has encryption already enabled there should be a card with your WPA key and SSID on it that lets you connect. If there isn't a card or a label on the router or box the router came in with it on, it will have to be wired up to a computer at first then moved back downstairs after the setup.

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