aol wireless router configuration details please

  holly polly 18:30 07 Aug 2005

hi mates just purchased an adsl wireless modem router model etec pt 3818
the guy at the comp fair said it was compliant with aol ,after trying to set it up and failed we telephoned aol who told us there was no support for this model and we would have to obtain the details off the manafacturer (aol unhelpful response)and that it wouldnt work as we are only on the silver service we would have to upgrade to the gold service,there is no mention of this neccesity on aol website ,
my question is does anyone outhere have the expertise to enable us to configure and utilize this modem router on the aol 512 silver service .
as usual all answers greatfully recived-Hol Pol....

  holly polly 18:54 07 Aug 2005

any response please?

  ton 21:48 07 Aug 2005

Go to AOL keyword 'router'.

You should find all the settings and info you need.

You won't find your router mentioned but you should be able to work it out from the others.

  ashdav 22:02 07 Aug 2005

best thing to do is ditch the AOL software and put your login details into the router.

  Taff36 22:46 07 Aug 2005

This may be one for tomorrow but good advice given so far AOL are basically saying "we won`t support you unless you pay us" - rip off!

One tip for now - put in your username in the format [email protected] with your password into the router. If you forget the it doesn`t work. The AOL routers/software add this bit automatically.

  Taff36 23:03 07 Aug 2005

Try this for the helpline number for Etec 08712 461234 Found it on another forum and they weren`t very complimentary about this router I can tell you. (FE would have a fit at the language!)

  Taff36 16:37 14 Aug 2005

Any Luck holly polly?

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