AOL Wireless, can't connect online without cable

  Spetznaaz 17:57 11 Apr 2006


I brought a new wireless router and network card for my pc about a month ago. My plan was to connect from my pc to the router via the wireless card in the pc, and from the router to the internet, so i would no longer need a cable running through my door. The whole point of a wireless network is no wires right?

Ok, well here's what the problem is. I set all of the hardware up, installed the drivers etc, to initially set the network up you need to have the router plugged into the pc with an ethernet cable, so i did that. So, once i'd finished i could connect to the internet perfectly fine.

The strange and anoying thing is this. The wireless pci card in my pc recognises the router and connects to it, the router is connected to the internet, but also the ethernet cable is connected to the router and to the internet.

So when i click on the configuartion utility for the wireless pci card, it says thats it's conected to the network, and 'internet connected'. Here's were the problem starts. I take out the ethernet cable (why would i want it connected via ethernet? it's supposed to be a wireless network right?)

Suddenly i can no longer connect to the internet, and on the pci card configuration utility, 'internet connected' is no longer displayed, however it does still say it's connected to the network (router) and the router has the light on which signals it is connected to the internet, but i cannot connect to the internet on my pc!!

I have spent hours trying to reslove this problem but it's simple, the intenrte will only work when the ethernet cable is plugged into the router and my pc. Aol have tried to give me this crap about how a wireless network has to be connected to at least one 'server' pc for the internet to work. but i know this is not true as my friend is using the exact same hardware with abslutly no wires. Only difference is, he's on a different isp.

I'm using a netgear DG834GT router and a WG311T wireless pci card.

If anyone has any idea how i can fix this problem and connect my pc to the internet through the pci card to the router, to the internet, i would GREATLY appreciate it. This is driving me insane, and the wire in my doorway is really starting to anoy me.
Thanks alot :)

  ade.h 18:09 11 Apr 2006

First thing to check: Have you placed your network adapter and its IP range into the trusted zone of your client firewall? Have you checked the rules for network security?

  Spetznaaz 18:40 11 Apr 2006

Urrrm, i'm not to sure what you mean by those things or how to do them..

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