AOL wi-fi compatibility

  langer 13:11 22 May 2008

A friend of mine, who has AOL as there ISP has just bought a d-link router in order to run his pc and laptop wirelessly and has asked me to install it as he is totally computer illiterate. Does anyone know of any problems they may encounter regarding compatability . Also, I've read that his current package: AOL Silver won't let more than one user access the internet at the same time. If anyone can verify my dilemma I'd be very grateful.

  aceofbass 16:47 22 May 2008

I'm also using AOL Silver. They supplied a free wireless router (Speedtouch 585) and this came complete with dedicated AOL software which creates the login information for your AOL screen name.The router logs in to that user account each time. However, once the router has logged on (automatically, after the setup program is completed) and the wireless network is running then, as far as I am aware, several computers can access the network simultaneously - but this is via the original screen name account. So, under this screen name, several users can be online at the same time.
Here, we access the internet via the main computer and a laptop at the same time with no problems.

The AOL software only supports certain routers - check on AOL website for more information. Other routers may involve different setup procedures.

I've found AOL Silver very reliable.

  Diemmess 17:38 22 May 2008

I was on silver and presumably still am, though Aol has re-labled all their products.

I am limited to 2mbps with no cap for £9.99 per month.

Just tried running my laptop at the same time, but with a different screenname. No bother.

In case it is of interest, I tried to contract for the general up-to-8mbs for the same money...... Well it was worth a try!

It seems that I can go faster (with a download cap) and include anytime national phone charges 'free' for another fiver if I do it by July.
Having a deep think about that one.

  langer 09:49 24 May 2008

Thanks very much for advice, everything seems to be working ok.

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