AOL + VISTA home prem & not enough memory

  Rtus 10:29 19 Mar 2008

Has anyone any idea of a fix ...

Computer E-machine system (new) Intel Celeron 440 Processor
1.6GHz, 800MHz FSB, 512KB Cache
Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
1GB Memory 1gb shared with Graphics
160GB Hard Drive

attempts to log onto owners ISP =AOL ver? met with Not enough memory message.(unclear as to exact wording of message)I wasnt present but trying to help over phone.
T I A, For any clues.

  ventanas 10:42 19 Mar 2008

I'm not surprised at the not enough memory message. You really need 2Gb to run Vista, without sharing with the graphics. With just 1Gb (which is shared) the machine is drastically underpowerd. The Celeron won't be much good either.

At least double the memory, and think about a new processor.

  Fingees 10:44 19 Mar 2008

If you only have 1G memory, and shared graphics. Whatever the graphics use, will be deducted from the memory availability.

I would check exactly what memory you have, both normal and graphics.

  ventanas 10:44 19 Mar 2008

I've just noticed that you say this machine is new. If so can you please clarify the spec. I don't see how anyone can sell such a low spec machine with Vista Home Premium. Basic maybe, but not this version.

  Gongoozler 10:45 19 Mar 2008

Try deleting Temporary Internet Files.

  rdave13 11:05 19 Mar 2008

Try disabling AERO, it might help until you upgrade the ram; click here

  anskyber 11:16 19 Mar 2008

Vista system requirements are always interesting. Microsoft say click here and many interpret the requirement as 1Gb of system memory + 128MB of graphics memory.

Some manufacturers appear to interpret the requirement as 1GB system memory with a graphics capability of 128MB even if it is from the 1GB system memory.

I agree with ventanas you will need 2 GB to get good performance.

The other key point with a new machine is getting rid of all the crap ware which comes with the machine. Do two things, uninstall what you do not want from the stuff they force on you ans secondly stop programs starting at boot which you do not need to run all the time. Things will speed up as a result.

  Rtus 11:51 19 Mar 2008

heres the details in link below,I didnt advise nor would buy it the owner contacted me after problems arose.

click here

  Jak_1 12:36 19 Mar 2008

As it is new and from a large retailer, I would be inclined to return it to the store. Clearly it is not up to the job required and as such not fit for purpose under the trades description act. Adding extra RAM at this stage could void any warantee etc.
It surprises me that a store like that is selling a pc with home premium on a low spec machine!

  ventanas 13:58 19 Mar 2008

Note how they say "with 1GB of Memory to keep all your applications running with ease." Absolute rot.
I suppose its cheap enough though, but I agree, it should not be being sold. Anyone not computer savy will think its a good deal, until they try to use it.
I don't think there is much that can be done about it though, and I don't think it will void the warrant to add more memory.
click here and match the memory installed.

  Rtus 14:48 19 Mar 2008

I allready did crucial search (as normal for me) Ive got a couple of 1gb that should sort it. I had thought it maybe a common software issue ,But I dont use AOL so wasnt aware of any issues Ive looked at thier help pages.nothing of interest though. Leave it open a while longer in case theres any further thoughts posted.

Thanks all

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