shellship 15:57 18 Feb 2007

A friend of mine was on AOL BB Gold which cost £24.99 per month. He wanted to change to AOL Silver BB which was £14.99. They agreed to do so and emailed him confirmation accordingly. A few days later he had no BB and AOL say that he has been disconnected. They cannot reinstate his BB until BT "enable" his connection. Local BT Retail say it is up to AOL to sort it out or he must contact BT Wholesale but they do not deal with consumers!

Any kind person out there able to guide him in the right direction, please.

  Aargh 16:03 18 Feb 2007

Sounds like AOL's problem to me - they seem to have messed up the contractual change to the service. If they are still taking a payment for the service you have even stronger grounds for a complaint of breach of contract.

Speak to a supervisor/manager and ask for it to be connected as per the contract implied by the email, and back it up by recorded delivery letter.

  spuds 16:14 18 Feb 2007

This is an AOL problem, tell your friend to contact them.

  shellship 16:51 18 Feb 2007

Many thanks. Have spoken to my mate who will chase AOL tomorrow.

  Diemmess 17:27 18 Feb 2007

........ but unfortunately you want a quick result.

I've never had your disaster, but I have had a cockup when Aol doubled the speed and I had to convince them that this was not happening to me.

Much later, managed to negotiate a very good drop in monthly charge

Snail mail along these lines....

• Address to Member Services

• Date(s) of incident(s)

• Name of AOL Representative you originally spoke to, if known

• The nature of your complaint

• Your full name & address

• Your AOL Screen Name

• Telephone Number

Where to send it:

Allan McLuckie
Vice President Aol Member Services
PO BOX 2401

Twice (once on daughter's behalf) have had a phone call after a few days from a native of the British Isles - (lovely understandable Scottish or Irish accents) with instant action and a sizeable discount on the monthly sub. They NEED our custom after all!

  shellship 18:18 18 Feb 2007

You are the greatest. Thanks.

  shellship 17:34 04 Mar 2007

Just to let you know, my mate did exactly as you advised, got super service, has his BB back and £9.99 plus an apology.

Thanks again from my mate.

  Diemmess 18:21 04 Mar 2007


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