AOL used to be OK but now...

  pj123 16:49 16 Sep 2005

who knows? I have NTL Broadband on my computer but I also have AOL on a dialup modem in case of failure.

I have just tried to use my AOL dialup and all I get is:

msimg32.dll is linked to missing export gdi32.dll:gdigradientfill.

I have just spent 45 minutes on an 0870 number (which used to be an 0800 free number) talking to someone called "Mark" who doesn't appear to be able to speak English telling me what to do.

I followed his instructions (after a fashion) but still got no satisfaction. I still cannot access AOL without the same error message appearing (above).

I am not prepared to stay with AOL when my Contract runs out, which (unfortunately) is next May 2006.

  VoG II 17:03 16 Sep 2005
  Diemmess 17:28 16 Sep 2005

Are you sure you have a long term contract with Aol? Broadband involves one year but includes a free modem. Dial-up is only the standard mothly charge

I think all you need is to give notice at any time during any month prior to the date of the next payment. You pay that and finish.

When I converted to BB I was told that my dial-up connection was still valid but if used, would be charged so much by the minute.

  Chegs ® 17:34 16 Sep 2005

I left AOL to go with tiscali BB,all I had to do was inform them I wished to terminate the dialup.I received an email stating my account would cease in the next few days.

  pj123 17:49 16 Sep 2005

Diemmess, yes it was (apparently) a special offer. 12 months at 12.99 per month.

Thanks VoG™ tried but nothing on your link works.

  dogbreath1 18:52 16 Sep 2005

Eventually this may be useful click here
Have a look just how AOL 'invades' your PC.

  Diemmess 21:51 16 Sep 2005

Well I am anyway.....
I have used Aol for 7 yrs, or so the "agent" said when I told him I wished to downgrade from Gold to Silver now that my first year of BB was over.

I am happy with Aol, so far hitch free and unlimited. Having only known this system I have never felt I was missing anything by way of Internet access or email.

When reading this thread I am astonished to see just how much I used to pay for dial-up and pj123 must indeed have a special offer contract. I think I had it cheaper at the very beginning because I was then allowed only 180 (free)minutes/month!

I would hate to go back to dial-up, of any price but have no wish to move away from Aol as my BB provider even though it is just slightly more costly than other well known providers. (The bottom of the market seems full of glitches and excuses.)

  feb 06:55 17 Sep 2005

Hi pj123

What versions of windows and AOL are you using?

  pj123 10:34 17 Sep 2005

feb, Windows 98SE and AOL 9.

Fortunately, NTL BB is working fine. AOL usually piggy-backs on to BB via NTL (doesn't dial out).

Was working OK a couple of weeks ago.

  RobCharles1981 11:31 17 Sep 2005

I find AOL good at times, but when I phoned Customer Support a few months ago they speak a load of Crap and you cant understand what the hell they are on about, but the livehelp is good as well

  pj123 15:11 17 Sep 2005

This is a response that I posted in someone else's thread: click here

"I have just spent another 37 minutes on an 0870 number talking to someone who is difficult to understand but I tried to follow his instructions, which were the same as I had already done before. Didn't work.

I now have AOL 9.0, AOL 9.0a and AOL 9.0b installed on my computer, none of which work.

I am now being told that these two missing files are nothing to do with AOL. Well if that is the case, why do I get the error message when trying to access AOL?"

Why is it that now it is an 0870 number it takes an awful long time to answer. But when it was an 0800 number the response was (almost) immediate?

I had a friend who worked for AOL on the Helpdesk and I could contact her direct on a telephone number she gave me. Obviously that phone number doesn't work anymore. My only contact (private)with her now is by letter to her home address, which I have done.

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