AOL speed problem

  mattyc_92 21:03 06 Jul 2005

Hi, I am on AOL GOlD (1meg connection) and have been waiting for the upgrade to the 1meg (as I was on GOLD before AOL updated the speeds). I logged on ealier and notice my connection was "2.2megs" and I thought "great". But I just tried to download a file (129megs aka teh Windows 2000 SP4 for my mate) and noticed the download speed at "170kb" and slowly went down to "130kb" which is, i believe, about right. Then after 18.9megs were downloaded, it completed the download.

I thought that I should check my connection speed first, I tried the McAfee SpeedoMeter and it reported "225kb" as my connection speed.

So what is going on? My modem says it is "2.2meg" and the scan says otherwise. I realise that the scans aren't 100% perfect, but it should show at least 1meg shouldn't it?

As normal, thanks in advane

  mattyc_92 21:07 06 Jul 2005

Started downloading the file again, and it is on 42% now.... Maybe just an error on the server?

  mattyc_92 21:20 06 Jul 2005

129megs in 19minutes and 20seconds is about right for a 2.2meg connection. Isn't it?

  Taff36 21:43 06 Jul 2005

Sounds pretty quick to me. Certainly quick enough for most. I tend to start the download - get on with my life and when I come back it`s done! (Can`t do smileys so whatever!)

  CurlyWhirly 00:12 07 Jul 2005

My friend was in the same position as you as he upgraded from AOL Gold to Platinum and on his Windows taskbar it showed 2.2 mb for a day or two before the modem was downloading at the correct speed!
Nothing to worry about.

  ashdav 01:09 07 Jul 2005

I've just had my AOL speed upgrade and have also noted that my modem shows a 2.2Mb connection but a speed test click here
shows it as 1Mb. I think the discrepancy is between the capabilities of the line (2.2Mb) and the server settings (1Mb). I always get initial download speeds of 200 to 300 Kbs but they throttle back to 100-130 after approx 30secs. Seems to be par for the course. Still pretty quick though.

  Djohn 03:59 07 Jul 2005

2.2 Mb showing when you hover your cursor over the icon on the taskbar is just to display the max connection that your line is now set on at the exchange and as far as BT is concerned the max speed you will be able to download at.

Your ISP will then set your allowed speed to what they have contracted with you, this will vary according to the price your paying.

Those ISP's that still offer 3 distinct speeds of 512k - 1.1mb - 2.2mb will display the speeds respective on the task bar. The remaining ISP's that offer variable speeds will have you on a 2.2mb connection at the exchange but hold you back on their servers to the speed your contracted at.

My ISP still offers the 3 separate connection speeds at 3 different price bands, un-capped and not locked back on their servers. These will display correctly on the task bar Icon.

[DOWNLOAD SPEEDS] of 55-58kbps is a good range for a 512k connection.

120 - 140kbps for a 1.1mb connection

224 - 238 for a 2.2mb connection.

Anything achieved above these figures would be classed as a very good service.

[SPEED TEST] for the 3 connections should be in the area of 468kbps - 930kbps and 1840kbps for 2.2 connection.

  Djohn 04:07 07 Jul 2005

18 minutes 29 seconds is about right for a 129mb file on a 1.1mb service. Use this calculator for assessing download times on different speeds. click here

  Snec 05:45 07 Jul 2005

click here for a nicely displayed test that actually shows quality of service.

and click here to show the average *actual* speeds. Compare the UK to The World and see the difference. Often surprising!

Mornin' John

  mattyc_92 08:40 07 Jul 2005

Cheers guys...

Will tick....

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