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  pchelper001 18:02 02 Nov 2007

Why is it that we only live 2 miles from a adsl2 enabled exchange, which has been fine for over 3 years, do we know have 122kbps as a constant download speed, when we used to have 1.5mbps. I have spoken to aol and they cant help, apart from telling me to get a line check from bt, which apparantly costs £170, any suggestions?

  Dipso 23:28 02 Nov 2007

What speed are you connecting at, is the download speed not in relation to the connection speed?

Can you find and post your line stats from your router. If you're not sure how to get them post back with details of your modem or router.

  pchelper001 16:05 03 Nov 2007

Downstream Connection Speed 1152 kbps
Upstream 288 kbps
Line Attenuation Down: 53.0 db Up: 31.5 db
Noise Margin Down: 26.1 db Up: 25.0 db

even though my router says this, my downstream is only 142kbps

  Dipso 17:07 03 Nov 2007

So you are on a fixed 1 Meg line.

Put your details in this click here and check the congestion status of your local exchange. Post back with result.

  pchelper001 18:21 03 Nov 2007

it says:

Congestion status on this exchange is GREEN.

Your telephone line is on an un-congested exchange.

Major Service Outages
There are no Major Service Outages on your line at this present time

  Dipso 22:37 03 Nov 2007

What are you using to test your speed? Try downloading a file from somewhere like Microsoft or a live Linux CD and see what speeds you get rather than using a speedtester. Speedtesters themselves can be subject to congestion.

You could try tweaking using something like TCP Optimizer click here but if you were previously getting good speeds and haven't changed anything, I can't see this being the problem.

Of course the slowdown could lie with haven't downloaded enough to exceed their Fair Usage Policy?

  pchelper001 13:13 04 Nov 2007

the speeds i was quoting was mostly from donwloading microsoft stuff, and i have tried quite a few optimizers like onspeed, but none really help. i havent exceeded my usage, otherwise they would have told me?

thanks for being patient with me Dipso

  Dipso 16:30 04 Nov 2007

I don't think this is a line problem as your stats seem OK.

You could try tweaking your settings using TCP Optimizer click here Download and install the program, set the slider to 1 Meg and select your network card from the dropdown list then hit optimal settings. Reboot the PC and do another speedtest/download.

They wouldn't necessarily tell you about exceeding usage, some ISP's just throttle. Could your usage have exceeded 60GB? One way of telling if you are being throttled is whether speeds are slow at all times of the day or just peak.

Post back with results after trying above and I'll have another think, gots loads of patience :)

  Dipso 16:35 04 Nov 2007

Apparently throttling can come into play after 30GB.

  pchelper001 17:10 04 Nov 2007

when i put on your optimizer the speed maxed out at about 122kbps and 30gb is higher than my donwloads over about the last 3 months.

  pchelper001 17:10 04 Nov 2007

ps. speeds are constantly low, not just peak hours, what has aol got against me?

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