AOL slowdown

  provider 2 17:13 01 Mar 2008

It looks as if the AOL slowdown recently is due to their changing servers rather than any problems individual pc s.

This was confirmed today during a live chat with AOL Help which also resulted in a four-page list of fix instructions and a headache.

Has anybody else had this list and if so have you found any of the options effective?

  mrwoowoo 20:02 01 Mar 2008

My AOL has been slow for a while and still is at the mo.
Haven't had the list as i have just been suffering in silence waiting for the dust to settle.
Assumed they were throttling me back as they sometimes do.

  rdave13 20:56 01 Mar 2008

If on XP suggest downloading VR version. If it's the changing of servers then we'll all be in for a rough ride for a time. XP, AOL VR, speed normal for now.

  SB23 21:08 01 Mar 2008

I'm still using Aol version 9, and apart from a few days in the week where it was very slow, it all seems fine now.
I tried Aol VR back last year, and it messed up my system, where the only option I had left was to reinstall XP.
But, dare I say this, I've had very few problems over the past few years, (touch wood. lol!).
I do know that 2 doors away to me did encounter a few little niggles, but even their connection is ok now.
I think I'll leave it as it is, until I have to upgrade to VR.

  Snec 21:20 01 Mar 2008

I connect via a router. I don't use the AOL software at all but my speeds never drop below 6.2mb so I don't think they have too much server trouble.

  rdave13 21:31 01 Mar 2008

Last year it was only the USA version of VR available. Now if you google for AOL VR UK you'll get the right version (using IE7). Mine was slow tonight so I installed the VR UK version and back to speed. In network connections check if you have a 'gateway' or 'internet2' showing as a connection. VR gets rid of the ACS function.
As Snec I have a router connection (TCP/IP) and have no need for the AOL software except that others think differently in my family and insist on browsing using the AOL browser...:(

  SB23 22:07 01 Mar 2008

I just don't understand how you get a connection, but don't use the Aol software?

I've used Aol now for over 5 years, even with the connection problems that you could count on one hand, I like them, and will stay with them
But they have, IMO always been easy to deal with.

Also, if they are swapping servers etc, it hasn't affected me much at all, unlike others that I know of.

Maybe I've just been lucky

  rdave13 22:13 01 Mar 2008

How do you connect to the internet? A usb modem perhaps? If so then right click the AOL icon in system tray and click on 'start AOL dialler'. Type your screen name and password and you're connected. If memory serves me right.

  SB23 22:45 01 Mar 2008

Yeah, its a usb modem. Is it that easy then?

Although, I'm going back to my router at the end of the month, when my oldest gets her laptop.

  rdave13 22:53 01 Mar 2008

That easy. Just make sure you haven't got AOL's software running before you try it lol. Once connected through the 'dialler' click IE and browse.

  SB23 23:02 01 Mar 2008

Sorry for going off topic, but what type of fixit instructions did you get if you say that they are swapping servers, and that its not individual pc's that are at fault?
Surely any connection issues would be at their end, wouldn't they?

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