Aol silver (again!) and wireless

  FUl2tiV3 11:40 02 Mar 2006

Trying to help a friend……

Laptop xp & sp2/aol silver/Netgear dg834g/wg511 usb dongle.
Laptop can see router via wireless. Can log onto and change settings etc.
Laptop has pcmcia Ethernet card and can connect to router ok and see

However cannot get aol to log on via the router, either via wireless, or ethernet. Gives the ‘cannot find dns server’ error message. I am aware of most of the usual aol settings, have read all the archived aol/netgear threads, and use the same router with aol gold myself. Am using her master [email protected] as the login. Mtu is 1400.

There are no firewalls operative as I test the set up. WEP currently off. Her current connection to aol is via the bt voyager 105 usb modem, which in itself is sometimes a little sporadic. Keeps getting a ‘limited connectivity’ warning from windows.

Any ideas greatly appreciated. Perhaps I am missing something dead obvious!

  Markus 15:28 02 Mar 2006

Not certain about this but having had problems setting up a network through AOL I think that AOL silver does not support networking. Only Gold and Platinum are supported. Best of luck anyway.

  FUl2tiV3 15:59 02 Mar 2006

AOL don't offer telephone/online support for networking on silver, but some of our forum members have it up and running.

I am hoping to benefit from their inside knowledge and experience!

i'll need all the luck i can get tho, thanks Markus.

  keewaa 16:01 02 Mar 2006

You could take the DG834G over to your house, configure it to work on your Gold (with your login details, exact copy of all setings on your DG834G) , then bring it back and you know the only change necessary on the router is the log in name and password, the rest is the laptop. I think Silver can work, but with only 1 screenname. (I've no experience of AOL, only going from what I read before)

  FUl2tiV3 18:49 02 Mar 2006

keewaa that's an interesting idea. will give that a try if no other ideas are forthcoming. was hoping to give instructions via phone. her settings are exactly the same as mine, except for her screen name and password.

however on the routers status page there is no ip assigned as can't get the aol connection. aol looks for tcp/ip but cannot find DNS. cannot connect via an external browser either.

  FUl2tiV3 14:41 03 Mar 2006


  rubyrich 15:52 04 Mar 2006

I was told by the man who looks at the 'answers' screen at aol that I should untick the box for alert me when there is limited or no connectivity on my connection status window. That seems to sort that, something to do with aol resetting ip addresses constantly. Still, can't get my setup to work, good to hear you can file share despite the technicians telling me that my home network will not let me do it. I'm sure half of their 'technicians' are actually 'beauty technicians' and are sitting doing nails at the same time...

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