AOL service changes?

  pj123 13:02 29 Jun 2008

Hi all.

A friend, who is on AOL, has just emailed me with this:

"AOL have changed something or other with their service, so I have to order a free wireless router and they want to know whether my computer has an ETHERNET PORT"

She only has one computer so I don't see why she needs to order a wireless router, free or not.

Anyone else on AOL had the same request? I am not on AOL myself but I have contacted another friend who is on AOL and he says he hasn't had any emails from AOL at all.

  rdave13 13:07 29 Jun 2008

Haven't had any emails with that request but then I don't use the usb modem. Looks like they're no longer going to support that modem. Nice to get a free router though.

  realist 13:52 29 Jun 2008

Although I was sent a free router I still connect by BT Voyager 105 with no problem using AOL 9.0 VR and XP Home.

AOL continue to offer drivers for this and other modems on their help page.

  ened 15:01 29 Jun 2008

I had an email on 25 June regarding changing the date of payments.

Nobody I know has had the communication about which you refer.

I take it she is sure that it did come from AOL?

  mrwoowoo 15:12 29 Jun 2008

I think rdave13 is correct regarding modem support as Aol only supply Netgear wireless routers now.Therefore the fact that your friend only has one pc doesn't come into it.

  gengiscant 15:29 29 Jun 2008

Got the same offer,router duly arrived,Ebay shorly after,35pounds richer.Keep the offers comming.

  pj123 12:07 30 Jun 2008

Some more info.

Her computer is running Win 2000.

Just had this in an email:

"I have just received a letter from them, saying that the Windows system I am running is old and I will not be able to connect to the internet using a modem once they have their new network up and running and that I am to order a free wireless router."

I may be a bit thick here, but how does a wireless router make it work?

Won't she still have to have a modem?

  Liza 12:34 30 Jun 2008

Hello pj123

I am with AOL but have not had an email about what you say but have had an email asking me to complete their survey. I was actually wanting to join TalkTalk because they have an offer today is the last day. Before doing anything I read AOL Help because I also want to upgrade to Vista. In there it is stated one cannot use the old BT Voyager etc with USB cable. Ethernet and router (to be purchased) is required but TalkTalk supplies it free.

  provider 2 12:50 30 Jun 2008

I don`t know if this will help or not. There is a reference to Spring 2008 if you scroll down a bit, though up-to-date information from AOL is not something they are particulaly good at.

click here

  ened 13:13 30 Jun 2008

First of all AOL moved their servers from america to somewhere over here back on May 15 2008.

As far as I am aware that is the end of the major changes. I know nothing of any 'new network' - nor does anybody else around here.

The router they supply acts as a modem - you just plug it into your telephone line instead of the modem --but you do not have to connect to it wirelessly.

For example I am connected via an ethernet port and my wife connects her laptop wirelessly.

Hope this helps.

  pj123 14:18 30 Jun 2008

provider 2, thanks for that. Really good info.

Have passed it on.

I have concerns with one of the Q and As.

"Why are you updating your network?
Since AOL Broadband joined the Carphone Warehouse group of companies earlier this year, we are continuously working to align new systems and processes in order to ensure the continued quality of your service."

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