Aol selling part up/anyone know whats going on

  Jade 14 G 16:49 29 Dec 2006

jst got an email of aol, according to them l shold have got one before about there selling a part of aol off but it go's on and l just hope someone understands it as there was no other name but aol.
The said there is a deicated email set up explaining it but after l hand wrote it , it wouldn't send , no such member was what l got.
Doe's anyone else know what the hell is going on as the ones like us that pay are just not getting to know anything in plain english

  Stuartli 16:51 29 Dec 2006

AOL's UK division was acquired by Carphone Warehouse back in October.

CPW states that AOL will continue to operate as normal.

  Technotiger 16:53 29 Dec 2006
  Stuartli 16:56 29 Dec 2006

...or here:

click here

  Jade 14 G 20:59 29 Dec 2006

I hadn't a clue about it and didn't get a email as they said and carphone warhourse was started by a man living in my town.
Thanks for telling me,

  terryf 21:05 29 Dec 2006

You would be better of without either or both AOL /talktalk but that is my personal opinion

  Jade 14 G 22:31 29 Dec 2006

Have decided to change ,am looking into talk talk package,only its a 18 month deal.have had aol and ntl broadband and it was awfull, tiscali the same
But hoping to sell enough classes and maybe a place in THE World Textile Art Quilt Shows in New England to go wih a new isp.
I have to say l have been with them on and off since 200 pay £9.99 a month and have been lucky and lucky that you are around to help when l get stuck but need a new washer it packed up boxing day and a bigger freezer as cannot get out much so l need to sell quite few classes but the new website that goe's live this week l deigned won't go unnotced its that brght you won't miss it and its big, work in bright colurs, live with brihts so website is mostly red ad that matches my hair.
Happy New Year and thanks for all the help.

  Stuartli 23:29 29 Dec 2006


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