AOL Search Pages.

  helpmeplease. 07:45 04 Jan 2008

Is anyone having trouble with AOL Search pages or is it just me?

  pchelper001 14:08 04 Jan 2008

what is wrong with them?

  SB23 14:36 04 Jan 2008

Its not so much trouble, they've just changed the look of them.

  p;3 16:55 04 Jan 2008

click here
nowt wrong with it is there?

  helpmeplease. 19:22 04 Jan 2008

thanks for replies.
Rang AOL and they said that was the way search pages are going to be shown now.

  helpmeplease. 13:41 05 Jan 2008

Click or paste this and you still get old search pages.
click here

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