AOL router connection using 3Com Officeconnect

  lomar4976 22:58 15 Jan 2007

Hiya folks.

Im trying to set up a router connection for a friend on his AOL account which I have no experience of the inner workings.

I've followed the various guides ive seen listed, i.e. seeting PPoE and VCP/VCI 0,38 and creating a new 18+ screen name in lower case with no spaces, and a new alphanumeric, lower case password which is 6 digits long (lower than the noted 8 maximum)

Now.. I put all the information into the router setup (its a 3com Officeconnect 3crwdr100a-72) and it syncs to the ADSL line fine, but the connection doesnt move from 'disconnected' on the router details and the online light does not appear to light up on the router itself.

(note for the record, the router has been flashed with the latest version, oct 2006 I think)

I have read elsewhere (which I didnt have the chance to try yet) that the connection doesnt appear to connect until you actually attempt to connect via the AOL software log in prompt, once its set up so it uses the TCP/IP protocol under their 'broadband' option - I can give that a go a little later if this sounds like the cause of the light not appearing on.

However the second question i've got as a result of that, is how do you set up an xbox to access the internet connection via the wireless or wired ethernet on this router/modem if it cannot detect the internet signal until you physically attempt to connect with AOL (as I do not have an xbox myself, its another 'working in the dark' moment as I try to figure the details out from past experience in general PC networking)

Thanks in advance for any help you can be.

  Ashrich 12:11 16 Jan 2007

click here and read the last message CAREFULLY , it should help you .


  lomar4976 23:06 16 Jan 2007

Hiya, thanks for the reply, but ive followed all of those tips (except for the last part as mentioned above, ill be trying that tomorrow - i.e. setting up the aol software to connect over tcp/ip)

What I want is some confirmation on why the 'online' light isnt lighting up on the router (however the sync one is fine showing theres a signal coming to the line) and the router software setup (i.e. when you log into its ip) never shows the internet connection as 'connected' and always as 'disconnected'

Would this be solved by connecting via the AOL software, and if this is the solution (which I will find out one way or anotehr tomorrow) how does one set up the Xbox connection to allow accessa to the internet through the router since the xbox cannot be set up to load the aol browser/signin software.

  lomar4976 23:08 16 Jan 2007

Seems I cant edit posts, but just to post a confirmation on the any points that could be asked - the username is newly created, using an 18+ screen name, it is all lower case, and the password associated with it is lower case, has only alphanumeric characters, and is 6 characters long.

This screen name also logs in fine when attempting to connect to the AOL account directly rather than through the router.

  Fawaz 23:59 16 Jan 2007

I've been having a similar problem. I have an AOL BT Voyager Modem, and a Buffalo Wireless router. When i connect the cable to my Wireless router my DSL light on my Modem turns off. When i reconnect it to my Modem it comes back on.

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