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  driving man 08:44 30 Apr 2007

Would anyone au fait with AOL know if one deletes AOL, then reloads it the favourites would still be hidden on the hard drive.
Thank you

  provider 2 10:33 30 Apr 2007

driving man

Almost certainly, in a file named AOL saved PFC. Opening it, however, is another matter for it also contans system set-up files that will not open even with AOL.

I think this is because the old set-up does not delete completely and you find you have AOL 9a, AOL 9b, AOL 9c etc. depending on how many times you re-instal.

  provider 2 10:37 30 Apr 2007

It`s something of a problem: click here

  driving man 11:13 30 Apr 2007

Provider 2
AOL recommended that all old verions were uninstalled which has also removed all PFC files -- as far as I can see.
Yet do have a 2nd pc with most of the favourites on.
How, or where can I find it and can it be transferred as it has 75% of what I need on it.
Or do I just bite the bullet and reload all the pages and set them as fovourites


  provider 2 11:22 30 Apr 2007

driving man

I can`t even offer a sensible suggestion on this one for I am as uncertain about it as you are.
The possible "fixes" for this suggested in some forums are contradicted in others and AOL Help is a source of further confusion for they will tell you to re-install and hope for the best.

Please post and let us know if you can come up with an effective solution.

  driving man 11:37 30 Apr 2007

ok -- will do that but for now will leave thread open

  Marko797 16:37 30 Apr 2007

Yes these files do remain on ur system. U need to look in a folder called Organise, which should be somewhere in ur aol file structure
( C\Program Files\C AOL 9.0\Organize). These entries then need copying into C\Program Files\AOL 9\Backup\Restore\C AOL 9.0\Organize. This happened to me & I also thought these would be gone forever. Best bet would be to contact them via their on-line help if you still have probs...

  rdave13 17:01 30 Apr 2007

Try this.. on your second pc click on favourites. Click on the manage tab at bottom and click "save my favourite places as a file on my computer". A box will open and click on save.

  rdave13 17:11 30 Apr 2007

This should create a file called AOL saved PFC. Burn to disk. Load onto second pc. Open favorite, click manage and click "replace my favorite places with a favorite file" or the append link. Find the file in the open window and click on the saved PFC until cashe file shows. Type your screen name to open. It takes a few second but you should have your saved favorites in the list.

  Diemmess 18:04 30 Apr 2007

For what its worth.......
Have for other reasons installed Aol fresh on new Windows installations and been able to start more or less where I left off on the old setup.

Before deleting anything come offline and look for IDB and ORGANIZE.

On my computer the path is -

E:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AOL\F_AOL 9.0\organize

On yours the drive letters may be different but Aol seems to go to extraordinary lengths to hide them.

When found
Copy and paste each folder to a place of safety.
Install or uninstall whatever it is you are doing.
When the new Aol is running, go offline again and after renaming the two existing files for safety, paste the old idb and organize into that folder.
Bingo! all the old stuff is there, well it is for me!
The only hard bit is remembering the long path to those critical folders

  FatboySlim71 18:21 30 Apr 2007

What I do is this, on the favorite places window on AOL 9, click on MANAGE, next choose, SAVE MY FAVOURITE PLACES AS A FAVOURITES FILE ON MY COMPUTER. After you have click on this option you will then have the option of saving your favourites file to your chosen place on your pc, all you need to do then is to remember where you have saved it to and what the file is called and then just copy it to your chosen backup method.

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