AOL - reinstall--add back my favourite places

  driving man 13:23 14 Jul 2006

I have had reason to delete AOL and save all my favourite places. These are accessed through a shortcut on the desk top.I have reinstalled aol and removed the preset favourites.
My problem is --- how do i install my saved favourites from the aforementioned file?
I thank in advance those foolhardy enough to have aol (but I like it) who may be able to shove me in the right direction


Chris the driving man

  goonerbill © ® 14:24 14 Jul 2006

if you backed up your favourites file onto your pc before doing a new install of AOL heres what to do. click on favourites and down the bottom you will see a button marked manage. a box will open with 4 options, click the little blue box next to replace my favourite places with a favourites file. a windows folder will open and just look for your favourites file (favourite places.pfc) and click on it/highlight and then click o.k. and it should install and all be back to normal.

  vinnyT 14:30 14 Jul 2006


  Diemmess 14:44 14 Jul 2006

It depends on what happened to the original installation.........
You may just have the remains of that on your disk.

Run search on the drive you use/used.
Type in- organanize (note the "z").
If you have more than one file found for this name, look carefully at the path (it is very long).
If there is only one, then ignore the rest of this post.

One will be valid for the new installation(9a),and the other is the one you want.

The plan is to overwrite the new "organize" folder and contents with the old.
Take care to copy the new one somewhere safe in case you have it wrong, and the best of luck.

This method will restore all favourites, email, and a lot of things you never knew you had.

Wise after the event, I keep a regular backup of organize along with other data on a separate HD.

  driving man 22:12 14 Jul 2006

Goonerbill-- have tried that---it opens my documents folder but the saved pfc is on the desk top. I can keep opening it untill i get to "CACHE" but there is no save option available at all

  driving man 22:18 14 Jul 2006

Goonerbill -- can open the file another way and can see all the favourites for tha various screen names are there but just cannot rransfer them. As a last resort i can delete new preset favouites and the open each programme and re- import the "hearts"-- but it will be a long job and curiosity wont let this problem beat me


  goonerbill © ® 03:56 15 Jul 2006

hi driving man.

once you find the pfc file click on it so it appears in the box in the windows window (following previous instructions), click save and an aol message will appear saying you are replacing currant favourites file or words to that affect, click yes/ok and it should install.

  driving man 17:02 16 Jul 2006

Goonerbill --- I thank you

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